There is a great deal of debate among investors on how best to play the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are betting on a vaccine to being the answer with stocks like Moderna and Inovio. Others are betting on treatment like with CytoDyn and BioCryst. The problem with this is that there is no guarantee a vaccine or treatment will work. As we have seen with the second and third waves of coronavirus, testing is the only effective way to contain the coronavirus. On the front line of testing is XSPA stock.To get the global economy back running pre-COVID, it will take lots of testing and screening. There are over 7 billion people in the world. Even if a vaccine is brought to the market, it won’t be able to reach everyone. Evidence suggests that widespread testing for COVID-19 is the most critical factor in combating the virus’s spread, and a vital condition for fully reopening the economy.

About XSPA Stock

The company’s game plan is to provide COVID-19 screening and testing by converting select existing spa locations into testing sites at airports. XpresSpa’s U.S. airport real estate portfolio consists of 46 locations across 23 airports that are ready to be reactivated and redeployed in short order, subject to the approval of local airport authorities. All COVID-19 screening and testing will be conducted by a newly launched brand, XpresCheck™, which will operate under the Company’s XpresTest® subsidiary.Testing will not only be required at airports but wherever people work or gather. Every office and employer will need XpresSpa services. This is a fact. There’s no denying it and it’s a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for XSPA stock.[embed][/embed]

Reasons To Buy The Dip In XSPA Stock

First, airplane travel is essential for the global economy to run. We are going to see the creation of an immunity pass that confirms a passenger is clear to travel. This will require testing at departure and arrival. There's no company better positioned to provide testing at both ends than XSPA stock.Second, the technicals are very favorable. XSPA stock has very strong trendline support at the $3 level. RSI is also favorable and signals a rebound.Third, XSPA stock is working closely with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to bring XpresCheck locations to other locations. In addition, the Company is in discussions with other U.S. airports regarding the temporary conversions of existing XpresSpa locations into XpresCheck testing sites as it looks to roll out this concept further. We are expecting deals to be announced shortly for Chicago O’Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield. These announcements will further drive XpresSpa stock higher.Fourth, the new stimulus measures will include at least $16 billion for COVID-19 testing. Where is testing needed most - airports? Which company is focused on airport testing - XSPA stock.

Airport Testing

The idea behind airport testing is that passengers land, take a quick test, and wait for the result. Starting August 1, passengers from some U.S. and other hotspots bound for Dubai will have to test twice: before leaving and on arrival.The fact is airport testing for Covid-19 will become the norm for all future airplane travel. Not only as a way of allowing travelers to bypass mandatory quarantine at their destination or back home, but to stave off the threat of a second wave of infections being imported by returning holidaymakers.

Hyperpointe Partnership

The reason XSPA stock is ahead of the competition is its partnership with Hyperpointe. The two companies have designed workflow with the capability to potentially test thousands of people each week as well as collect and organize confidential patient data that can be used to study and help better understand the impact of the COVID-19 virus.HyperPointe’s creatives have produced comprehensive promotional, educational, and digital solutions to facilitate a successful rollout. In addition, their technology team has integrated the XpresCheck workflow with AdvancedMD’s Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution for online appointment scheduling, patient intake, lab integration, medical billing, and reporting analytics.

Bottom Line

On July 26th, 750,000 passengers passed through TSA checkpoints. At the same time last year, it was 2,700,000 passengers in just ONE day. The time is coming when every single passenger will be tested. Payment for such testing will either come from the federal government or it will become a ticket surcharge, just like checked bags. How big of an opportunity is this for XSPA stock? Do the math and it's a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. It's easy to see now why the dips should be bought in XSPA stock, especially when you consider its current market cap is just $200 million.As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)

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