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What Is Going On With Remark Holdings (NASDAQ:MARK)?

What Is Going On With Remark Holdings (NASDAQ:MARK)?
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
June 4, 2020
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Remark Holdings (NASDAQ:MARK) has been one of the most talked about names among small cap traders. The stock has been a runner throughout the COVID-19 pandemic climbing from $.25 to highs of $3.56 a share. It has even popped on the radar of Barstool Sports President David Portnoy who bought $2 million worth at $2.80 and sold out at $2.20 like the moron that he is. Hopefully, none of his 1.5 million Twitter followers got out like Portnoy did as the stock climbed 40% as soon as he sold.With Portnoy now threatening the company and praying for its bankruptcy, we at Insider Financial are taking a closer look at Remark Holdings just like we did with Genius Brands International (NASDAQ:GNUS) before it made its huge move. With Remark Holdings trading just above $3, new highs above $3.56 are a short spike away. NASDAQ:MARK Daily Chart

About Remark Holdings

First up, here's a little background info for those that aren't familiar with the stock. Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK) delivers an integrated suite of AI solutions that enable businesses and organizations to solve problems, reduce risk and deliver positive outcomes.The company's easy-to-install AI products are being rolled out in a wide range of applications within the retail, financial, public safety and workplace arenas. The company also owns and operates digital media properties that deliver relevant, dynamic content and ecommerce solutions.The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with additional operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hangzhou, China. For more information, please visit the company's website at http://www.remarkholdings.com/.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eikfArKjQ50&feature=emb_title[/embed]

Remark Holdings Thermal Tech

What's driving the enthusiasm around Remark Holdings is that because of COVID-19, there is a multi-billion dollar demand for thermal screening. This is Remark's wheelhouse.

Remark's Thermal Imaging is used to scan high traffic areas to detect individuals with higher than acceptable skin temperature and track the subject for secondary screening. Each of the Thermal Imaging products is customizable and can operate as a standalone or integrated into centralized control systems, specific to the needs of the customer.

The coronavirus outbreak and a difficult flu season highlight the utility of KanKan AI's thermal detection technology, as increased body temperature is a common symptom that allows for early detection of flu and other contagious diseases where widespread transmission is a concern. The new and improved capabilities of KanKan AI's Smart Monitor technology allows for non-contact fever screening, which is more efficient and faster than manual methods and which reduces the risk of cross contamination from human contact.

Smart Monitor's facial recognition, which includes mask detection, may also be used to enforce compliance with health and regulatory laws on a real-time basis. The upgraded technology, when combined with Smart Monitor's existing capabilities, allows for traffic monitoring, crowd monitoring, intrusion detection and other monitoring and detective functions, and could allow public safety managers to operate with more efficiency, to reduce manpower, and to increase public safety.

Hotels, casinos, stadiums, schools, government agencies, shopping malls, airports, and every other public venue that you can think of is going to need Remark technology.

$50 Million Contract

Remark Holdings just signed a deal for its KanKan AI with Hanvon Technology, a publicly listed Chinese systems integrator. The two companies successfully won the second phase of China Mobile's Smart Telecom Operator Store Project.The project is expected to be delivered over the next two years. Phase 1 includes the upgrade of more than 17,800 stores across the entire country and is valued at $50 million to Remark. The second phase of the project will deliver an additional several million dollars to Remark resulting from a multi-year recurring software license for the new software application modules.

Bottom Line

For those that are saying Remark Holdings is over-valued, Remark's market cap is only $188 million and the company just signed a $50 million deal. The stock is valued at just 3.5x the value of this one deal alone. Considering the enormous potential for its thermal tech, this $50 million deal is just the tip of the iceberg; thus, making Remark Holdings a discount entry opportunity at current levels, which doesn't even take into account its stake in Sharecare.Good luck to all (except the shorts)!We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on NASDAQ:MARK, sign up today!Disclosure: We have NO position in NASDAQ:MARK or NASDAQ:GNUS and have NOT been compensated for this article.Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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