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Written by
Richard Sandle
Published on
September 28, 2017
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Rare and specialty metals needed for modern hi-tech innovation in industries such as clean energy, consumer electronics, computer applications, and health care technologies just to name a few, are creating a demand for Rare Earth Elements and their associated oxides and concentrates. Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:UCU)(OTCQX:UURAF) is positioning itself to capitalize in this opportunity.For anyone not familiar with Ucore Rare Metals, it is a development-phase company focused on rare metals resources, extraction and beneficiation technologies with near term potential for production, growth and scalability.On March 3, 2015, Ucore announced the right to acquire a controlling ownership interest in the exclusive rights to IBC SuperLig® technology for rare earths and multi-metallic tailings processing applications in North America and associated world markets. The Company has a 100% ownership stake in Bokan- Dotson Ridge (“Bokan”), the highest grade heavy rare earth project within the United States based on NI 43-101 standards.On March 31, 2014, Ucore announced the unanimous support of the Alaska State Legislature for the investment of up to USD $145 Million in the Bokan project at the discretion of the Alaska Import Development and Export Agency (“AIDEA”).On September 6, 2017 Ucore Rare Metals Inc. announce that it has generated an optimized oil sands concentrate, and has shipped select samples of the resultant pregnant leach solution (the "Beta PLS") to IBC Advanced Technologies of American Fork, Utah for detailed analysis and preparation for metals separation testing via Molecular Recognition Technology. The pending results of the analysis are very important for the Company.According to Jim McKenzie, President and CEO of Ucore, the development of an integrated process suitable for metals recovery not just from the Athabascan deposits, but prospectively from oil sands operations at a world level can now be achieved by combining the processes of the recovery of metals-enriched concentrates from oil sands, and Molecular Recognition Technology. The result is a seamless production circuit from the bitumen froth tails through to separated high purity metals. The implications for improving oil sands economics is significant, and presents a potential opportunity for rapid scalability and growth.In other news, Ucore Rare Metals Inc. announced on Aug. 21, 2017 that Mr. Dean Popps, currently serving as Senior Counsel at a corporate law firm in McLean, Virginia, and as a board and advisory member and consultant of several defense industry companies, has accepted an appointment to the Ucore Advisory Board. Previously, Popps had served as the US Army's top procurement official as the Service Acquisition Executive (SAE) and served as the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology. Jim McKenzie, President and CEO of Ucore commented:

"Front-line access to end users of our products is an essential concern as we transition to production. In turn, a ready domestic supply of strategic metals is increasingly being recognized as a critical component of American defense systems and national security. Dean brings prodigious experience, business and government acumen to Ucore."

On the financial front, Ucore Rare Metals Inc. announced on Aug 10, 2017, that it closed its previously announced financing agreement with Orca Holdings, LLC of Alaska to sell and leaseback from Orca its SuperLig®-One MRT Rare Earth Pilot Plant. The Pilot Plant will be sold to Orca Holdings, LLC for total proceeds to Ucore of CAD$2.5 million. Orca will subsequently lease the Pilot Plant to Ucore over a 3-year term at an annual lease rate of 15%.At the option of either party, the lease may be terminated upon the payout by Ucore of the Purchase Price at any time commencing the second year of the Term. This transaction provides Ucore uninterrupted non-dilutive operational financing as the Company approaches production commencement.

Since the beginning of 2017, UURAF stock has been trading in a range with resistance at $.2783 with support near $.1827. The stock is currently trading at $.2408. Financial reporting indicates that the Company is pre-revenue, however, the balance sheet shows little to no debt, and a strong asset to liabilities ratio. Current market capitalization stands at $65.21 million, on 270.14 million shares outstanding as of September 26, 2017.Everyone knows that technology is here to stay, and technological innovation is key to the success of any technology related industry. Providing materials in a cost-effective manner to advance technology, especially rare materials, is certainly a business that has unlimited potential in today’s world. Once Ucore Rare Metals Inc. perfects and implements its processes and begins production, revenues should begin to flow. In the meantime, expect a higher share price as more updates hit the tape.We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on UURAF, sign up below!Image courtesy of Mark Anthony via FlickrDisclosure: We have no position in UURAF and have not been compensated for this article.

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