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TSNP Stock: Ignore the Shorts and Buy Dips

TSNP Stock: Ignore the Shorts and Buy Dips
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
February 13, 2021
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TSNP stock is a name that we first brought to everyone's attention back in November when the stock was trading at just $.0069 a share, which you can read here. We said that the merger was a really big deal and folks that got in and stayed in are sitting on over 19,000% in gains!!A $1000 investment would have gotten you 144,928 shares at the time. The market cap of TSNP back in November was just $21 million.Now that the company has achieved Unicorn status, the shorts have been spreading disinformation on Seeking Alpha and InvestorPlace trying to scare investors. This is a common tactic by the shorts that causes nervous longs to sell their shares causing the price to drop.We call this short and distort. In this article, we will show why investors should ignore the shorts and why there are wrong when it comes to TSNP stock.

TSNP Stock

First up, here's a little background info for those that are new to TSNP stock. TSNP was a clean shell trading on the OTC Markets when OTC Markets whiz George Sharp brokered the merger between TSNP and HUMBL.On the NASDAQ and NYSE, we would call this a SPAC while those familiar with OTC Markets call it a reverse merger. A publicly-traded vehicle merges with a private company to create a new pubco (public company).Existing shareholders of TSNP maintain their shares and once FINRA approves the name and symbol change, it will become HUMBL (OTCMKTS: HMBL).[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1s1N6uGUo0&t[/embed]


HUMBL is a new, Web 3 platform that connects consumers and merchants in the digital economy. Its core product lines are the HUMBL® Mobile App, HUMBL Marketplace, and HUMBL Financial, which are being architected to work seamlessly across one HUMBL platform for consumers and merchants.

The HUMBL Mobile App and HUMBL Web Platform will deliver more seamless global transactions, by integrating multiple currencies, payment methods, and financial services into reduced clicks for the customer, beyond primarily the US only mobile wallet providers such as Zelle® and Venmo®.

HUMBL Financial products are not currently available to customers in the United States, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Congo Democratic Republic of Cote d'Ivoire, Crimean Region, Cuba, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, Vanuatu, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Yemen, Zimbabwe and any person with economic sanctions against them by the US Federal Government. (This list is subject to change).

Enormous Potential

HUMBL has the potential to become not only the next Venmo or Zelle but also the next PayPal. The HUMBL® Mobile App delivers borderless transactions, by integrating multiple currencies, payment methods, banks, and financial services providers into one-click for the customer. HUMBL® provides greater access and portability than US-only mobile wallet providers, such as Venmo® and Zelle®.

“We didn’t build HUMBL for the 450 million digital customers using Apple Pay®, but for the 7 billion people for whom money has a totally different set of global pathways, access points, and cost structures,” according to the CEO of HUMBL, Brian Foote.

The HUMBL network was designed to disrupt entrenched regional banks, wire services, and roadside finance providers in emerging markets such as Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa to help reduce costs and improve settlement speeds for customers.

The Shorts

Whenever you have a stock go up as fast as TSNP stock has, you are going to attract shorts. Just like what we saw with Tesla and NIO, there are going to be plenty of doubters in TSNP stock. TSNP Stock Daily ChartThe problem is that if you listened to the shorts, you'd have left a lot of money on the table. The first hit piece was published by an anonymous blogger named Gold Panda on Seeking Alpha in December, which you can read here.Had you listened to Gold Panda, you would have sold at $.17!!!The article was light on details. The author focused on the financials of Tesoro Enterprises, which was just a shell. It had no business. Its financials would not contain much.HUMBL, on the other hand, is a well-capitalized business. Once the merger was finalized, HUMBL was able to consummate November 23, 2020 agreements to raise funding through the cash sale of warrants. As these warrants are exercised, HUMBL will access up to $50 million in equity funding, to be used for the marketing of the HUMBL global brand; the HUMBL® mobile app, and HUMBL Hubs® merchant software; as well as distribution and partnerships around the world.Of course, after being wrong the first time, Gold Panda issued another short and distort piece on February 8th, which you can read here. This was just another rehash of the same points made in their first article. It offered nothing new and no insight.Not to be left out, InvestorPlace is also attacking the company. Just by reading the first paragraph, you can tell the writer has no clue what they are talking about.

On Tuesday, Tesoro Enterprises (OTCMKTS:TSNP) announced its plans to move into blockchain trading markets. With shares already up almost 200%, penny-stock investors will likely see more gains as Wall Street punters rush in.

TSNP stock is up a lot more than 200%. For the past four months, TSNP stock has been delivering 200% gains practically every week.

TSNP Stock Action

Stocks rise and fall based on supply and demand. No stock ever goes up in a straight line. There are days when there are more buyers than sellers and the price goes up. Other days there are more sellers and the price goes down.We are not day traders here at Insider Financial. It doesn’t suit our personality and we don’t like the intraday moves markets make. We have found we made more money being patient and ignoring the day to day noise of the markets.When it comes to market selloffs, every dip has richly rewarded those that got in TSNP stock. As we have said repeatedly, buying dips on red days is the best strategy when it comes to TSNP stock.The thing is we would not have red days if it weren't for the shorts. We have been a part of the TSNP stock community on social media from the very beginning and almost all are HODLing. Except for occasionally selling rips and buying dips, almost all are still LONG with Diamond Hands.As we said about the TSNP price action in November, which you can read here:

The new TSNP has already been active in putting out PRs. This is extremely important when it comes to OTC stocks. The more PRs that hit the tape, the better it is in crafting the story. We look forward to TSNP finalizing the merger with HUMBL and what CEP Brian Foote delivers. Exciting times are coming, especially once we see the stock hitting a nickel, then a dime, a quarter, and finally dollars!

If Brian Foote, George Sharp, and the army of HUMBLers aren't selling, then who is?The market makers, the shorts, and nervous longs.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4Tzo-qd-_Q&t[/embed]

TSNP Stock CEO Brian Foote

To understand TSNP stock, you need to get to know HUMBL CEO, Brian Foote who we profiled here. He is a rockstar in the crypto community.Look at his bio. He brings with him twenty years of consumer technology experience, having launched a number of top-ranked global technology products at companies like Epson, where he was twice named to the Innovators Team Award for his work across merchant partners such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Target and Best Buy. Mr. Foote is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and is certified in blockchain, digital media, and social media from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).Brian is well-known in the cryptosphere and many crypto folks are betting on Brian and HUMBL being successful by investing in TSNP stock. These are the real HODLers. They have owned crypto for years and will do the same with TSNP stock.These community members ARE NOT AFRAID OF RISK. Many of these members have become very wealthy by taking on risk by investing in start-up cryptocurrency. They KNOW the technology of Blockchain. They understand the BENEFITS and the POTENTIAL it holds.They also understand that the REAL OPPORTUNITY is in the Blockchain itself. And up until now, it’s been harder to find a play on Blockchain (an enabler of the cryptocurrency world). HUMBL checks off that box.And with all the different cryptocurrencies out there, this is one investment that the whole community can support.Brian Foote and HUMBL have a built-in community of support.

Bottom Line

As we have stressed repeatedly to our subscribers, the key to penny stocks is finding momentum BEFORE it happens and then be patient.Now, when we say that we find momentum BEFORE it happens, we are investors looking to position our subscribers BEFORE the move happens. Besides TSNP, we got our subscribers in early on ALPP, which you can read about here. This is where the big money is made and why so many of our subscribers are sitting on gains of over 9633% in ALPP and over 19,900% in TSNP.It’s also best to own a portfolio of quality penny stocks. For some that can be as many as 10 to 20 or more penny stocks.We always alert our subscribers first before we publish for our regular readers. This is the value of having a subscription to Insider Financial, which you can sign up for here. We alert our subscribers with our best ideas before our regular readers.There are always opportunities in the markets and it’s our job to find winning stocks. Huge gains can be made in such a short amount of time.Our best advice for those that missed the run in TSNP stock is to be patient and throw bids in below the market. Buying dips and selling rips as swing trades remains the best strategy in these markets.Remember, all it takes is one or two to become a TSNP stock and you’ve crushed the market indices for the year. Whoever said to avoid penny stocks has no clue what they’re doing.As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


Disclosure: We have no position in any of the securities mentioned. We wrote this article ourselves and it expresses our own opinions. We are not receiving compensation for it. We have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Insider Financial is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This article is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.

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