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Transcript: One World Universe (OWUV) Interview with Jerry C. Craig

Transcript: One World Universe (OWUV) Interview with Jerry C. Craig
Written by
Michael Sheikh
Published on
December 10, 2021
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One World Universe, Inc. (OWUV) Interview

Featuring: Dana Salzarulo (IR Director) & Jerry C. Craig (CEO)

Friday: December 10th, 2021

DS- Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to either read the transcript or listen to today’s audio interview. I am Dana Salzarulo, the IR Director for J. Craig Holding Corp, One World Universe Inc and a few more (laugh). Today, we talk to our CEO Jerry C. Craig. This will be his first interview as CEO of One World Universe and our team thought it was a great idea to give some back story on the company, how One World came to be, where we are at now, and all you the listener to get to know the man in charge and have him share his vision for the future of the company. Without further delays… here is your CEO, Jerry Craig!JC- Hey there Dana and OWUV shareholders and any investors that may be listening or finding our company for the first time today. Welcome, I am happy to be able to finally share a little bit more about myself and where our holding company is headed.DS- Ok, before we get into the exciting METAVERSE stuff, Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?JC- I have been in the financial space for close to 37 years or so and have found that by staying in the back, working on the puzzle, creating leverage, driving profitability, including the creative aspects of relationship building, that I can use my talents to the upmost direction. I have hit all the ceilings that I could within corporate America and stepped out on my own at a younger age wanting to take more back personally than what I was being given. To have the ability to give back to others that worked alongside me has been the basis of how my companies have grown and how I have held on to my employees. I don’t like the word employee by the way, I like the word family member. I also don’t like the term ‘work for me’ as I’d rather see it as ‘works beside me’, because we’re all in the same position trying to get some place together, successfully. Again, I choose to work backwards from where I know I want to end up, in order to know where I’m going to, from the first day, so that each obstacle is not an issue, but it’s mentally overcome because I know where the endgame is. This process works especially well for publicly traded corporations such as One World Universe.DS- Now One World Universe Inc. wasn’t always OWUV, prior to that we were UPWT aka Ultra Pure Water. How did this transaction come about?JC- It was the summer of 2020, I wanted to get back into the public realm and found a shell, I believe it was a custodial type one, I had a share structure of maybe about 161 million outstanding and the authorized was 200 million. The company had some debt which I was able to negotiate it down and start to build a team with people like yourself and Caren Currier was instrumental in working to get us pink current and in good standing with all the regulatory bodies, I had to bring her on as our CFO. Since we were no longer in the Water Purification business, it was essential that we change the name and ticker to reflect the new business model.DS- Now you have kept the share structure, back then you stated no reverse splits, worked a deal out with the debt, you got the name change to One World Universe Inc. and new ticker OWUV. Where did the name One World Universe derive from, and does it tie into the humanitarian efforts you’ve often mentioned?JC- The one thing I can’t do is give you the full answer to this question, and for that I truly apologize because it is very good question and the basis of who we are as a company. The reason I cannot at this time is because it would actually give away a huge aspect to one of our upcoming announcements/press releases that we promised that we would announce by the end of the year. But, just as we have been extremely transparent to everybody since day one, I can honestly promise you that our name “One World Universe” was created because of a great deal of humanitarian efforts we both plan on helping with, and initializing. It helps this corporation and this opportunity which is something that is truly dear to our hearts. Could you imagine just for min if we decided to help those who are truly in need throughout the world first, and I don’t mean first before you feed your family and your kids, but I mean first before you bought an extra video game or first before you buy the extra latte, but first before you have that extra income and you look at the fellow human being standing or kneeling or cowering beside you and you start saying “I can do more”, and you actually just DID IT !?!? Well, this is my chance to do so and the amazing team that I have here working beside me, and I mean everybody just tries a little bit harder, forgets about themselves and gets involved and as dedicated to these efforts as I am. Bottom line is, it’s my belief that if we all did just a little bit more about somebody else’s struggles as we did ours, then maybe, just maybe, the world will be a better place. I don’t if that’s the case, but I know I’m putting my own money where my mouth is and will continue to do so until I can actually prove that to be the right answer. DS- You have slowly added a few companies or projects, however you want to classify these assets into the holdings company. Can you share with our listeners and readers what has been added to the public vehicle so far and if you don’t mind, I know you told me personally, but how many companies or business ideas do you have?JC- Sure Dana, we first took an investment in Nate Boyer’s movie MVP, added 1.5 million dollars to assist with more opportunities that shareholders now see falling into place. We created our security company, bought a house, the first of many future properties and now diving into the Metaverse space. We are buying virtual real estate, just added a virtual developer Gabriel Di Sante to the mix. We are far from done as next week we should be announcing the first celebrity artist we will be working with and a few more acquisitions later this month.DS- Wow, Before I touch on each of those assets, can you explain your overall goal for One World’s subsidiaries, and do you seek synergistic companies to add to the mix or is it simply one of those where if they can help each other grow then that’s a bonus?JC- No, I don’t guess, because my luck is just not that good… truth is, I actually work backwards. I look at where I want to end up, then the next step is working backward from there. I ask, how do I get to that point and then, how do I get to the next point and so on. Can we put things and place them in motion before we even know that we need them and then we can pull them into place when we are ready. This allows us to know where we’re going without any hesitations or worry at any particular or certain time. In all honesty, this isn’t about the stock price or synergies, it’s about the end product and making sure we do things correctly. Based on the stock price and how well it performed, I would say we’re doing everything in the right order. DS- So the MVP Movie, how do you know Nate Boyer, how is the movie coming along and what are your expectations for the film?JC- Oh I’ve known Nate for a while. I consider him my friend, a good friend, he’s a good man, great soldier, good football player, but more importantly, he’s got a better heart. He created the MVP foundation so that he could do his part in helping both his fellow soldier in the field and helping those that he played football with… and the funny thing is that when you start to do and create these items the synergy that we created and the people that have the same concept and the same ideas, end up working by your side. So, with that said, he had a movie and told me what it was about, and how it was his first acting opportunity. I knew there was no chance we were not gonna be a part of it… I just wish we could’ve done more. I believe in Nate 150% and I’d go to battle with him and that’s not even a question to be had. The belief in the movie’s message and its target audience and have no doubt it is going to be a massive hit. Listen, you know me, I will help friends and people I know all day long, but I’m not an idiot. But when you look in the heart of a man and you look in his eyes, you know if something’s gonna work. When it comes to funding movies, lots of times it is where money goes to die. And anybody who’s ever been in any form of independent movies knows that. Nate is a different breed of a man... and I mean that only in the best sense. I know that COVID had slowed the project and everybody down, but quite honestly, I’m curious where we all would’ve been if it didn’t hit us. I know in my heart where we would be and this movie would have been out much sooner.DS- I’m with yah, Nate is a top-notch dude, and can’t wait for the movie release. Next, the Global Security Transport company, can you tell us a little bit about your vision for this business?JC- yeah this is a company, that when we created it and it came to fruition, it was because we know that CBD and we know that the medical uses for it are something that simply can’t be overlooked any longer in the United States. When we go outside of the United States with some of our soon to be mentioned endeavors, we need those individuals around us who have been in those areas, and who can help protect what we’re bringing to those who need it and where we’re going with it. Unfortunately, these days, the world is simply just not the safest place, when you have something that others want. It is for this precise reason why we created this company. People in these situations need security to be there to protect all aspects of their life and those around them. Global also has the ability to transport people along with their valuables. It does local work in the city close to us, and they are there to help, protect, train and grow as a corporation. I have huge aspirations for this company just as I do for a number of the companies that we’ve created. This company was formed by a group of guys like me, who have served. Given the times that we live in today, the world needs some form of protection or some form of military organization on their side which we control. Anybody that knows me knows I’m peace first, anything else is hopefully a last option. We’re going outside the United States and inside the United States and into some areas that are seriously needing help, needing supplies, needing medical aid, and wanting some form of CBD. As I mentioned earlier about working backward, this is one of those companies that will fit into place eventually, so I created this company well in advance and prepared it to be at my beck and call for their help and ability when necessary. DS- Now with the real estate, I believe these properties will be managed by JCHC Property Management but the residential home in Lawton, Oklahoma and warehouses in Garden Grove, California were placed as assets within One World Universe. Do you plan on adding more properties and will you be focusing more on actual real estate or Metaverse real estate?JC- I learned years ago they’re not making land anymore, you might as well buy as much as you possibly can when you get the opportunity, whether it’s five dollars, $15,000, $500,000 or 5 million… if it’s a deal, you buy it when you can because it’s not going to be there forever, somebody else will beat you to it. We will continue to go into this field as it’s the bread-and-butter of my history. The great thing about real estate is when you’re looking to help people and giving them the ability to have an opportunity to grow, their lives, education and in their worlds together, you must also look at the aspect of where they live, what they live in and what we can do to help. JCHC property management will not only be something that we plan on adding to it, but we will focus on that being a revenue generating opportunity.DS- Ok, I appreciate the patience of our audience who are dying to know more about Metaverse Holding Corp. Jerry as you know I am a fan of crypto and blockchain and NFTs and when I saw how the Metaverse and VR projects were building I grabbed OneWorldMetaverse.com as a “what if” safety measure since our corporate site is OneWorldUniverse.com. Little did I know a few months later it would come into play so soon. But you were onto the Metaverse vibe much sooner than I was, weren’t you?JC- Yes, About 3 1/2 years ago I was visiting with a friend, one of the cofounders of MTV, and he was more in the know than I was and we sat there for 2 days and started hammering out the concept. We’re looking to doing something together and he is an absolutely great man. He was having some great ideas, but unfortunately, the time for us to do something together didn’t work out, but the idea was seeded in my mind since that day. This is why we created the holding company. In all reality, look how Covid ended up accelerating the Metaverse. How many people work from home now? How many people have seen the Mark Zuckerberg movie or a video that shows how people will be working from home or interacting in the future with people? This is the field, like crypto and like CBD, it is not something that a businessman would want to be ignorant about. If I was, the shareholders would definitely run me out of the CEO position at the end of the day. 3 1/2 years ago the idea came to us and we started working on it and we started driving and doing developing and now are slowly releasing stuff out there as we go. I can promise the people that are reading this or who are hearing this that we are far far from done in this field. What you have witnessed so far is absolutely nothing compared to Where we’re going to be. I just wish I could show and explain more about where we wanna go, and what we’re doing, and what we’ve created, but I can’t disclose non-public information without breaking regulations (laughing). But as you said Dana, we’ve been on this for quite some time now. I never just dip my toe in the water, I don’t cannonball anymore, but I don’t sit on the sidelines either and for those of you that know me, You know damn well that I’m not gonna start down a path and walk away with it half-finished. We are going to grow it for development and take a huge huge role in the metaverse space.. and I know that makes you personally happy Dana. DS- I’m giddy hearing these responses and I work for the company, So far, we now have property in the Metaverse game The Sandbox and Upland… any plans for land in Decentraland or Atari’s world, launching in Q2 of 2022? What do you plan on doing with this real estate?JC- Well as you know, we just announced the Upland purchases this morning and would love to get some Decentraland, but it is a little pricier at the moment and bargain hunting, but will definitely be waiting for the hyped-up Atari owned Metaverse world launching this summer. It is still very early in this virtual real estate game, and we see a trend that a lot of the real estate will be used for advertising purposes, but there is definitely a market for buying and reselling and of course like real property, it’s about location location location. We do have plans to develop some parcels and get our company name out there with hopes of getting in newer projects early, sitting on them as an investment, and hopefully selling them off at a significant profit later on. DS- The project with Gabriel Di Sante, a very talented guy I may add, how instrumental will this first project be, and will there be synergy with other new acquisitions?JC- Absolutely, I like Gabriel a lot and you were correct, he’s very talented and we planned on utilizing his skills and expertise in designing some of our projects within the metaverse. We plan on announcing one of the celebrity artists next week, actually one of many he knows. When shareholders see how popular this gentleman is globally, we hope they will be impressed. As far as other acquisitions, we have one on the table now, where we are just negotiating numbers and hope to announce next week also. The platform of this target of ours will have a lot of synergies, almost as if it were made for someone like Gabe and his connections. This project has monstrous potential due to the fact it targets a Niche that very few have addressed within this evolving NFT’s and metaverse ecosystem. I also feel, without giving too much away, that some of the celebrities that Gabriel knows, would make wonderful spokespeople for one of the other acquisitions that are non-metaverse. We plan to announce it by the end of the year. Definitely, some exciting stuff coming in the days and weeks ahead. DS- Wow, the Metaverse stuff is really coming along. Today is the 10th, so we are 1/3 of the way thru the month of December and correct me if I am wrong, but do we still have a few more acquisitions on the menu for this month?JC- Yes, I can see you want me to reassure everyone that we still have acquisitions coming as I just mentioned, exciting stuff coming soon, as you know we are working almost around the clock trying to make things happen as we have really gained some momentum finally this past month.DS- Exciting times no doubt for OWUV shareholders. Moving on to 2022, can you share with us what your expectations for Q1 and beyond are?JC- Well in 2022 I believe we will have a handful of assets and businesses that we will focus on bringing in revenue and becoming profitable. If we have to bring additional people on board to make this happen, we will. Our goal is to get these companies properly capitalized so they can go from walking to running. I don’t want to just keep adding things and find myself putting some projects on the back burner, but by the end of the year we will have scaled ourselves for substantial growth going into 2022. At the end of Q1 or Q2 we will have a better understanding of how much more we could put on our plate, but as they say, we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew; as our eyes can often be bigger than our stomachs (Chuckle).DS- Well Jerry, lots to look forward to and it looks like we BOTH will continue to stay busy. Before I wrap this up, I want to take a few questions I saw posted on social media, predominantly on our twitter account. The first one is from Jordan Berg @jordanberg22, What plots of land did you buy in the Sandbox?JC- Well Jordan, thank you for the question, as soon as we close the 3 x 3 parcel in the sandbox, hopefully by this weekend we will post the different areas on the sandbox map so that shareholders can see exactly where we have positioned ourselves and that goes for the other metaverse worlds as well. As mentioned before, our OneWorldMetaverse website is being built and there will be a section that will be for our virtual real estate holdings. OK next question…DS- Next questions are from HandOverFist @HandOverFistt, Are you diamond-handing the land for the long term? I am assuming he is speaking of the LAND boxes…JC- Thank you for the question handoverfist, I see you active on the Twitter boards and I appreciate you for being a shareholder. To answer your question, I am not a person who has paper hands or lettuce hands as they say, but I am approaching this virtual real estate just like real-world real estate in that they are not making any more land, so we are HODL’ers of the premium plots or locations, but flippers of other ones with intentions of reinvestment in better locations or additional opportunities. DS- HandOverFist also asks Are you pursuing any private investment placements or venture capital funding?JC- That is a great question, as many of you are aware we are approaching our authorized share amount of 200 million, that’s why Caren and myself we’re buying back 5 million shares to add back to the treasury. The share purchase is to give us a little more wiggle room and incentivize our prospects to get these acquisitions locked up. I do have personal capital that I can use to fund our new acquisitions and definitely did not even consider raising any capital, which I get multiple calls a day from people wanting to lend me money, but will never take toxic money. So back to your question, if I were to do a private investment placement it would have to be when the share price is at higher levels, but as I said at that time, we would have to decide whether or not it is in our best interest to raise the authorize share count and go from there. I mean what OTC CEO or CFO isn’t looking for capital? But in all seriousness, at this time that is not my goal, and hopes that these new businesses can be self-sufficient and further fund each other or new projects.DS- Ok, Crypto related one…Are you going to have your own token sale?JC-At this moment in time, we don’t have it on our to-do list, but we never know what is in our future. If the opportunity to get involved with one makes sense for our company, then we will entertain it. If anything, we have considered buying and holding a portfolio of different coins as an asset.DS- Last one, we have pressed that management was buying back 5 million shares, where are we at so far and will you consider buying another 5 million in January?JC- As far as we know and I can follow up with everyone in a tweet over the weekend but I believe we are only at 15 to 20% of that 5 million so we still have a lot of shares to accumulate by year end which hopefully will support and give our share price some strength. Like most of you, we probably wish we bought more sooner. DS- Well everyone, that wraps up our first interview, hopefully we will have more of these in the future as we love to keep our shareholders informed with company updates. Jerry, I will give you the last word, anything you want to say to the investment community?JC- Yes Dana thank you for helping me with this interview, some last words, again I can’t say how blessed and thankful I am to have such great shareholders that believe in our vision and promised them that we are dedicated to building something special that ultimately gives back to those who are less fortunate and create One world, one wonderful world, where if we all do our part and just give a little back, we can make this world a better place. Thank you everyone let’s have a great rest of the month and an amazing 2022!


Disclosure: Insider Financial and its owners do not have a position in the stocks posted and have posted this transcript for free without editorial input. This transcript was furnished by One World Universe as an exclusive to Insider Financial.

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