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Black Stallion Oil and Gas, Inc (OTCQB: BLKG) Below Where it Started

Black Stallion Oil and Gas, Inc (OTCQB: BLKG) Below Where it Started
Written by
Joel Najarian
Published on
November 26, 2015
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Black Stallion Oil and Gas, Inc (OTCQB: BLKG) made a big move up ealier this year starting in June under $1 and culminating in $2.39 highs in August. The stock was subject to a massive promotion and was consistently among the top most traded stocks on the exchange.

As for the promotion, there is a landing page at wallstreetreport.org with a $10000 disclosed budget from Pansino Investment Ltd. The attention grabber reads; HOW ONE STOCK with a $2.1 BILLION Oil Prize could turn $10,000 into $140,000. The US Oil secret and how you can profit from it. The endorser on the page is a gentleman named "Chris Porter" (no picture). Whether Mr. Porter actually exists or not is a question in itself.

Black Stallion Oil and Gas, Inc (OTCQB: BLKG) represents itself as a Los Angeles, CA based energy exploration company with a focus on developing America’s abundant shale oil and gas resources. BLKG is currently focused on the emerging Alberta Basin Bakken in norhwest Montana, which lies due west of, and shares characteristics with, the prolific Williston Basin’s estimated 6.7 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas and 7.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil.* Black Stallion has secured the right to acquire 50% ownership in the large 12,233-acre Woodrow Prospect in Teton county, northwest Montana, within the Alberta Basin Bakken fairway.

On November 18 they said they completed Phase I of a four-phase work program on the Company's 12,233-acre Woodrow Prospect in northwest Montana, within the Alberta Basin Bakken fairway, due west of the Williston Basin.

Producing wells to the North and East were identified at each of the five main reservoir horizons: Swift, Madison (Sun River Dolomite), Bakken, Nisku and Duperow. Sproule concluded the overall structural location is favorable for hydrocarbons to migrate updip onto the regional high, and recommended proceeding with Phase II of the Work Program.

Back in October the Company said it now holds a 100% WI in the Monatana prospect. In June 2014, Black Stallion received a NI 51-101 report from B.L. Whelan, P. Geo. ("the Whelan report") on the Woodrow Prospect. The author reviewed the available technical data, reports derived from the public domain and information from wells within the leases and currently producing wells in adjacent fields.The report concluded the Woodrow Prospect offers multiple opportunities for possible success in oil and gas production across multiple potential targets at shallow depths, and recommended an exploration program be carried out on the leases to determine the potential hydrocarbon content of the various formations.On September 21, 2015, Black Stallion announced it had entered a Master Services Consulting Agreement ("the agreement") with Calgary-based Sproule Associates Limited ("Sproule") in connection with the Company commencing a four-phase work program on the prospect. The agreement includes estimation of prospective resources within the Woodrow Prospect, and technical advisory services relating to the Company's work program. The Company expects Phase I of the four-phase work program to be completed by late October 2015.Black Stallion's CEO, George Drazenovic, commented: "We're fortunate to have acquired the remaining 50% Working Interest in such a large prospect in a region with this level of potential for domestic energy development and production. We're also fortunate to have Sproule's team of experienced geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and engineers actively engaged on our work program so we can better determine the Woodrow Prospect's production potential."BLKG put out their quarterly report on August 19th. BLKG hasn't produced any revenues since it's inception. They have $239 in cash, which is currently less than I have in my wallet right now. They only have $7 thousand in total company assets and $20 thousand in total liabilities. Right now BLKG is running a $34 thousand in quarterly net loss.

Did You Know? Epic Runner Coming!

BLKG used to trade with a market valuation in the hundreds of millions but that has been cut to under $10 million after the stock huge decline. BLKG was subject to massive promotion that took the stock to highs of $2.39 a share. Someone likely has their hands on the majority of the 19,872,000 shares (as adjusted for the 60 for 1 forward split from 2013) acquired for just $49,680 by a group of Investors in September 2012 according to filings. Short term BLKG could be good for another nice run. long term the Company lacks fundamentals and will collapse from current levels. If you are not subscribed to InsiderFinancial I suggest you do so now, We will have updates on BLKG that you dont want to miss.

*we have not been compensated for this article on BLKG

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