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Big Volume on Stocktips Safer Shot, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SAFSD)

Big Volume on Stocktips Safer Shot, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SAFSD)
Written by
Joel Najarian
Published on
October 13, 2015
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Safer Shot, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SAFSD) has seen an explosion in volume (but no movement in price) after Mike Statlers ”StockTips” of COLV, TLPY, ECRY and ALKM fame announced SAFSD as their new big pick

According to the disclaimer ”AC expects to receive $1,900,000,000 USD (ONE MILLION NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) as a marketing budget for production and distribution of SAFSD marketing material from an unaffiliated 3rd party Laluna Services, Inc. AC will manage this budget for production and distribution of any marketing material for SAFSD and intends to keep the difference between budget received and production costs as compensation. AC also expects to garner new subscribers as part of this offer.''

They also released a video saying that they will hence fourth be operating from subpenny.com focused on sub penny stocks.

Safer Shot, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SAFSD) has developed and patented a line of non-lethal weapons that utilize a proprietary kinetic projectile cartridge. The Safer Shot system allows an assailant to be incapacitated without the risk of inflicting serious injury or death. Safer Shot’s silicon coated projectile ruptures on impact producing a putty-like substance that disables a target without breaking the skin or entering the body.

SAFSD is focused on the development and marketing of less than lethal weapons and security products. In addition to the Companies continued less than lethal development activities, Safer Shot plans to identify, acquire and integrate manufacturers and developers of non-traditional weapons and security products for law enforcement, security personnel and consumers into their core business.

StockTips announced SAFSD on Sunday noting that ”Normally Safer Shots Inc.’s ticker symbol is SAFS, but since it has recently undergone a forward split, they temporarily have a 5 letter symbol ending in “D”. This is perfectly normal and we expect the “D” to come off shortly and then it will return to its normal symbol, SAFS.’’

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On Tuesday, October 13 Stocktips said ''Good Morning Boys and Girls! I smell something BIG just around the corner...My "Spidey Senses" are just going crazy, and I really feel starting next week we could see something HUGE happen for SAFSD!

Lets just take a look at why I am so gung-ho about SAFSD. NO 1 - If you really look at it, we have eliminated most of the downward pressure by bringing you a deal that is trading at the absolute bottom. NO 2 - Based on point 1, SAFSD has really no where to go but one direction. NO 3 - If you start playing SAFSD at 0.0001 the first price jump is 0.0002 and this is a whopping 100% gain!

NO 4 - There has been very little volume on SAFSD, this means that smallest amount of volume could send it soaring as everyone from Wall Street to Main Street realizes the potential of playing SAFSD on the bottom. NO 5 - There is no pressure to get in / out quickly as in most deals (assuming you are smart and get in at 0.0001). You can just sit and wait for desired profit levels knowing that you are getting in at the proverbial bottom!

The other nice thing is, there are NO stop losses that short selling pirates can trigger at 0.0001. There are NO panics for them to cause at 0.0001. So all sense of urgency goes by the wayside and our smart readers are able to just focus on SAFSD and sticking to smart entry and exit points.

Currently sitting at $0.0001 on massive volume and no movement SAFSD is an embarrassment of a pick and has everyone asking why Stockpicks that has run pennies over $1 would get behind a stock at $0.0001 with $0 bid. The stock being liquidated into the campaign are likely the 100,000,000,000 shares of stock held by Acquest Capital Group, Inc., acquired in March as a conversion of debt.

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