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AppSwarm Inc (OTCMKTS:SWRM) Making Strides In The Application Development Market

AppSwarm Inc (OTCMKTS:SWRM) Making Strides In The Application Development Market
Written by
Jim Bloom
Published on
December 5, 2017
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The recent surge in AppSwarm Inc (OTCMKTS:SWRM) has raised a lot of interest from investors and analysts.Within a day, the price ballooned from $0.0090 to $0.0680.In this piece we give you the detail behind the company and moves that its management has made to stimulate this price surge.Take a look at the price movement below: SWRM Daily ChartBrief HistoryAppSwarmInc is an application development company who creates, tests and programs applications software for computers and almost every type of device, from desktops to handheld devices. The firm partners with application developers to help market their applications and also seek to acquire dynamic applications and technologies developed by others to develop and publish mobile gaming and business apps, with a focus on accelerating the development of free to play mobile games and fast-track them to market. Appswarm also partners with game and business developers through joint ventures, royalty agreements, marketing partnerships, and outright purchases through its publicly traded company on the OTC markets.AppSwarm, Inc. engages in the provision of application incubation. It offers end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including iPhone, RIM's Blackberry, Google's android, and Microsoft's windows mobile. The company was founded in July 2001 and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Recent DevelopmentsRecently, the company announced that it had completed development plans with SinglePoint to conduct a shared roll-out of mobile applications specifically geared to solve issues in the cannabis space using the Blockchain technology and Bitcoin payment options. The applications and tech will be modelled and marketed under SinglePoint’s SingleSeed subsidiary while AppSwarm will provide the necessary technical support and application development. The venture calls for a 50/50 revenue share on all products to be deployed.The Crypto and cannabis market is in need for technology solutions that can advance productivity and do it safely. AppSwarm and SinglePoint intend to develop mobile applications that address these needs by creating a system that allows a business to see what is going on in the market around them. The mobile apps and tech created will also modernize the consumer experience by adding in SinglePoint’s payment features, as well as a multitude of other functionalities that are currently proprietary to AppSwarm.In November, Appswarm also entered into a Letter of Intent for the development of a smartphone based cash and bitcoin mobile wallet with USA Real Estate Holding Co. Pursuant to terms of the Agreement, both firms will execute a definitive agreement within 45 days of the letter of intent.AppSwarm CEO Ron Brewer stated company’s management is excited to be working within this ever-growing and evolving space. He explained that the industry knowledge USA Real Estate Holdings would provide to the firm would play a major part in creating value for clients/customers.Mr. Bilal Shafi, CEO of USA Real Estate Holdings, stated that theFinTech space is still growing and has the power to disrupt the way finances are conducted globally. He outlined that according to Tech Crunch, in 2017 $60 billion worth of payments will be made on mobile platforms and eMarketerestimated that by 2019 the total value of transactions made by tapping phone would go as high as $210 billion.Back in September, the firm reported the in-house development of its proprietary "last-mile" delivery app platform for management and implementation needs that create highly enhanced efficiencies.Research results have shown that web-based and application customers need personalized delivery alternatives and the demand for personalized delivery has never been so high. Nowadays, customers expect not to wait long before getting responses. Their schedules are full and they want the services to adapt to them, not the contrary.Almost half of online shoppers declare they would be ready to pay an extra amount for the possibility to have their package delivered during evenings or on the weekends.All of this is now feasible as a result of new startups ready to fill the gap and revolutionize the last mile delivery concept. They are providing new last mile delivery services like gathering your online customers' orders and letting them choose the date and time they want them to be delivered directly to their home, after regular evening working hours. SourceFurther, last-mile delivery, especially of parcels, has recently received lots of attention in the media and from investors. The cost of global parcel delivery, excluding pickup, line-haul, and sorting, amounts to about EUR 70 billion, with China, Germany, and the United States accounting for more than 40 percent of the market. And, not only is the market large, it's also highly dynamic, with growth rates in 2015 of between 7 and 10 percent in mature markets (such as Germany and the United States) and upwards of 100 percent in developing markets. The biggest driver of this growth, not surprisingly, is e-commerce, which has shifted market share from the B2B to the B2C segment.Financial ProfileThe firm recorded a profit figure for the first time in three years, although its reports do not clearly state the source of the income for the year. Net income was $0.4 million compared to previous year net loss of $2000.The statement of financial position reveal that the firm was only marginally successful in boosting its cash reserves, increasing from $1159 in 2015 to $4100 in 2016. ConclusionAppSwarm’s sudden surge is not likely to be a one off as its management seems willing to keep this pace up.We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on SWRM, sign up below!Disclosure: We have no position in SWRM and have not been compensated for this article.

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