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American Premium Water Corp (OTCMKTS:HIPH) Is Growing Faster Than Ever

American Premium Water Corp (OTCMKTS:HIPH) Is Growing Faster Than Ever
Written by
Ryan Mitchell
Published on
March 4, 2018
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The share price of American Premium Water Corp (OTCMKTS:HIPH) has been on the rise over the past week, rising by 100% from $.02 to $.04 over a one day period. During this period, their traded volumes have also risen to nearly 1 million as shown in the chart below: HIPH Daily ChartWith such a price movement, we took time to evaluate the company and assess the hypothesis that this price will hold in the long run.Company HistoryThis company was founded in 1886 as the American water works & Guarantee. In 1914 it changed its name to American Water Works and Electric company. In 1947 it then became known as American waterworks company. The company was a subsidiary of German-based RWE Group from 2001 to 2008 but divested in April 2008 through an IPO on NYSE. It has its headquarters in Voorhees New Jersey. It has 6,800 employees currently and provides services to approximately 15 million people in 47 US States and Ontario Canada.Amercantile water owns subsidiaries that manage municipal drinking water and waste paper systems under contract and others that supply business and residential communities with water management products and services. In 2003 Amercantile water established the American Military Water Services Group. It serves as a contracted water utility for several military bases in the United States. Military Services Group works with the United States military to treat and supply water and to collect and treat wastewater for military installations all over the country. The Group provides services to 11 military bases.American premium water company is a healthy and beauty development biotech company. The company produces hydrogen-rich water with no chemical additives designed to maximize health and energy. The company's shares are mainly held by institutional investors (Vanguard group, BlackRock, State Street corporation among others). It was founded by Culbreth Alfred in 1998 and is headquartered in Plava Vista CA.Recent DevelopmentsOne of the cards currently on the table is that HIPH intends to have a closer and keen look at blockchain technology with a view to embracing it. This follows the formation of an advisory board whose core mandate is to evaluate blockchain acquisition opportunities.Multiple blockchain related companies which are already players in this space have thrown their hat in the ring wishing to partner with American premium water corporation. Blockchain offers unique security solutions to effecting transactions without going through an intermediary thus cutting on transaction costs and guaranteed speed and efficiency. HIPH can, therefore, act as a holding company and be assured of continued strength enjoy a healthy balance sheet with improved shareholder value with the help of a lead advisor, I’M.I’M will continue to be the lead advisor in such acquisitions so that due diligence is done and prudent evaluation leading up to engagement and final acquisition on this front. I’M has a proven track record having established working relationships with the public and private sector. It is this deep understanding of market dynamics and evolving trends that HIPH wishes to bank on to get the requisite advice from an institution that has a keen eye on the blockchain space. Useful advice is needed on cryptomarket-place, coins, tokens, ICO'S which will offer a good guide in decision making and explore the different opportunities that exist in this new market.I'M focuses mainly on arranging debt/equity financing for small and mid-cap companies. In addition to evaluating acquisitions, I'M provides advisory services related to international licensing, commercialization of intellectual property, research and development resources and investor awareness services. The in-depth knowledge of emerging markets is a necessary requirement in terms of providing useful hands-on experience to HIPH on the right investment partnership.The senior management of both I'M and HIPH are upbeat about what the future would look like once they clinch an acquisition deal which may see the hold in company accelerate its growth momentum. American company's premium brands which include LALPINA and Gents is still on course even as they explore making inroads in the blockchain space. They plan to launch LALPINA hydrogen CBD before June this year as earlier planned. The cannabidiol industry has a tremendous opportunity for growth and LALPINA Hydrogen CBD being the first market entrant can capture a substantial market share. The company announced the launch of LALPINA Hydrogen CBD along with LALPINA energy drink.Gents which is New York-based is a producer of luxury hats and other fine accessories and apparel and their line is carried in over 200 retail outlets internationally. In the area of hydrogen infused CBD water HIPH commands 100% market share whose turnover at the end of the year 2017 stood at 1,134% increase in sales over the previous quarter the same year and an 80% reduction in debt.The product now known as LALPINA Hydrogen Water was realized after negotiations culminating in the signing of an agreement with BioHemp industries a grower of USDA certified industrial hemp to produce CBD for the company's upcoming product. The groundwork for the launching of Lalpina CBD infused hydrogen water was set in motion after the deal was concluded. The health benefits of this new product are quite varied including a cure for epileptic seizures, glaucoma, asthma and in some cases as a supplement to chemotherapy. The alliance furthers the company's mission as a biotech firm focused on health driven consumer beverages.ConclusionHIPH is working at furthering their vision and mission through all the developments they have put in place. We remain hopeful that they will keep rising and maintain the trajectory they currently are following.We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on HIPH, sign up below!Disclosure: We have no position in HIPH and have not been compensated for this article.

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