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Written by
Jarrod Wesson
Published on
June 27, 2017
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As the investors remember well, AMER LEISURE HLDG COM USD0.001 (OTCMKTS:AMLH), the e-sports media company, surprised the market by entering into the e-sports business and covering big gaming events, such as the DreamHack 2017. Relevant investors, such as Hollywood Riviera Studios, founded by industry veteran Rolando Nichols, announced that he will be working with the company. All this good news, along with the work of AMLH CEO, Christian Bishop, promoting the events on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, seduced market participants. Consequently, the share price was pushed up. Later in May and June, market participants decided to sell and book profits. However, the company keeps sending good news to the market, and we could not find bad news to justify the decline. In this article, we will assess what the market got to know recently.SourceHollywood Riviera Studios keeps negotiating new deals and some other developmentsIn May 2017, the market got to know that Hollywood Riviera Studios had decided to provide access to its facilities in Torrance, CA, and to promote the GG Studios project, owned by AMLH. But, the story with the company does not end there. On June 5, 2017, it was put out that AMLH was negotiating an equity swap with this company. This is what we could learn from the CEO, Christian Bishop:

"Hollywood Riviera Studios shares our vision. We look forward to continuing our strong, productive relationship as we make significant strides in the delivery of programming that is fresh, entertaining and engaging." Source

Little was disclosed about the terms being negotiated, as confidentiality is key in these type of contracts. AMLH only noted that the company may acquire "25 percent participation stake in Hollywood Riviera Studios' studio production and mobile business which yields annual revenues of approximately $4.5 million." We believe that the contract is still not signed and announced, thus market participants have decided to stay on hold and not to purchase shares until the terms of the agreement are finalized. Email subscribers need to be alert on this company. If the company releases a good contract that may increase annual revenues, the share price may jump. For those investors interested in this company, subscription to our distribution list will help in following AMLH.Additionally, the company keeps using social media to promote the business. On June 6, 2017, the company noted a series of Facebook Live Sessions to share "key insights from the world of e-sports and gaming". Christian Bishop sharply explained what the social media is doing for the e-sports world:

"What Facebook is doing with esports speaks to the importance of this community and the value of the channel as a tool for sharing updates." Source

In the same press release, the events to be presented were noted:DateTimeTopicJune 711 am PT, 2 pm ETQuarterly Business UpdateJune 1411 am PT, 2 pm ETLive from E3July 1911 am PT, 2 pm ETQuarterly Business UpdateAugust 2311 am PT, 2 pm ETLive from XLiveSeptember 611 am PT, 2 pm ETLive from PAX WestSeptember 1311 am PT, 2 pm ETLive from eSconOctober 411 am PT, 2 pm ETLive from GamesBeatOctober 2511 am PT, 2 pm ETQuarterly Business UpdateSourceOn June 8, 2017, the company put out the team that will work for presenting its weekly e-sports show; 4Cast. Additionally, Christian Bishop, promoted the upcoming show in the following way:

"GG Media Network has assembled a strong team to host the show and selected correspondents who will provide humorous, informative and insightful takes on the world of esports and gaming. In looking across the spectrum of programming today, we saw a gap when it comes to high-quality news, information and entertainment for the esports community. Our new show, '4Cast' is designed to close that gap and connect people with the content they love." Source

We could find the following members in the team; Alex Corea, who is known for his role in "The Attack", and Kimberly Crossman, who is an actress, writer, and producer. Furthermore, the show will count on the work of the following correspondents: Lauren Compton, Curtiss Frisle, Sinead deVries, Frauq Tauheed, Pauline Yasuda, and Henry Watkins. American investors specialized in media companies know some of them. In the press release, photos of the team were included.Finally, on June 23, 2017, it noted the appointment of a new member to the Board of Directors; Jordan Edelson. He is CEO of Appetizer Mobile LLC, which is said to be a "leading mobile application development agency in NY", and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg TV, ABC News, and Fox Business. He is a well regarded expert in the mobile, and digital industries, who will surely help the company in its expansion. The CEO explained the move in the following way:

"We are assembling a mindtrust of experts in the digital, gaming and esports space who can further inform our initiatives for assertive growth through operations and joint ventures with industry influencers. Jordan's experience and industry savvy will be invaluable to our company and our shareholders." Source

ConclusionLike it always happens with start up companies, the share price jumped as a result of the company's operations, and declined later as investors sold shares to book profits. We could not really find any relevant news to justify the decline in the price. It was actually the other way around. The company is about to complete an equity swap with Hollywood Riviera Studios, which is a company that has been helping AMLH for a while. We expect an agreement to be put out soon, thus we encourage subscribers to be alert. Additionally, the company keeps updating investors about its activities on social media. To sum up, the company is doing the same that made participants react, and we don't really understand the downward trend.Be sure to check out our coverage on AMLH. We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on AMLH, sign up below!Image courtesy of FlickrDisclosure: We have no position in AMLH and have not been compensated for this article.

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