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Agora Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:AGHI) Hoping To Breakout

Agora Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:AGHI) Hoping To Breakout
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
February 12, 2016
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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Agora Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:AGHI) is capturing a lot of interest on the OTC markets. We first heard about Agora back in September when a series of promo newsletters discovered the company and ran its shares up to 80 cents. It was also the first we heard about the company's Geegle Media subsidiary. It's a nice play on the Google name and obviously Agora is hoping the word association will pay off for the company. Many penny stock investors that bought AGHI are hoping as well.

Agora Holdings, together with its subsidiary Geegle Media and affiliates, describes itself as a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise with five business segments: media networks, TV, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media. The company claims to bring together the best in media, technology, and drive innovation to create the world's best entertainment and online experiences. This is quite a tall order for a microcap company.

The big news this month is that the company is in the final stages of preparation for the launch of its new FRAME product, an organizational tool for the management of popular social media and subscription-based accounts. FRAME's interface enables users to log into the most popular social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, using a single platform and password. From FRAME's dashboard, users can also post their content on select social media networks, or choose to post on them all. FRAME also allows users to view news feeds and content from each of their social media networks without separately logging into each one. For mutual FRAME users, posts will appear first in FRAME, and then on the users' other accounts.

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FRAME's desktop version is ready for launch, with the mobile version currently in Beta stage. As of January 2016, FRAME will be available at the Google App store for both Android and iOS. Geegle hopes to eventually include ancillary sites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr, as well as shopping and eCommerce websites like eBay and Amazon, and even email.In terms of where the company is heading, CEO Daniel Terziev says, "In general the company will be focusing on delivering what we have already stated we will do ... we're looking forward to seeing how the public will react to those products, as we have many more to come. We own over 50 very popular domains that we're looking to develop into certain tools and activities and games ... all different areas of every day people's lives."This is really the first we've heard from the company since November, when the promo emails ended. Back then, the company was touting TECH, a workflow management system whose objective is simplified task assignment and more efficient project management. TECH's users -- cable companies and its technicians, for instance -- are able to receive, accept, assign, and re-assign work orders received from its customers and clients.

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Prior to TECH, Agora was touting its Geegle TV and 1000salads Project. It's pretty obvious that Agora is focused on many different areas and hoping one of them takes off. The company certainly needs something to play out as revenues are minimal and losses continue to mount up pursuing all different kinds of projects.Right now the saving grace for shareholders is that the promo newsletters are still behind AGHI. Obviously a few key players are pushing the stock and hoping for higher prices. The biggest worry for investors is when the coverage stops and if shares fall back towards 10 cents like they did the last time the promo emails stopped. The best bet for investors is to monitor their email boxes to see if the promo keeps going. If it stops, there doesn't look to be much to keep AGHI heading higher. Be sure to sign up to Insider Financial as we will be updating our subscribers with the latest from AGHI!Disclosure: We have no position in AGHI and have not been compensated for this article.

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