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A Look Back At 2019 Insider Financial Stock Winners

A Look Back At 2019 Insider Financial Stock Winners
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
January 4, 2020
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Insider Financial has been posting our latest swing trades on Trading View. We had some pretty big stock winners like Durect Corp (NASDAQ:DRRX), which we recommended at $.98 a share. Notice on Trading View, all recommendations are date and time stamped, so there is no Monday morning quarterbacking.From $.98 a share, DRRX ran to as high as $3.95 a share. Even at $2.80 a share currently, that's a 185% gain. DRRX Daily ChartMaxar Technologies Inc (NYSE:MAXR) is up 74% since we profiled the stock on September 17. MAXR Daily ChartGamestop Corporation (NYSE:GME) is up 66% since August. GME Daily ChartMedicines Co (NASDAQ:MDCO) delivered 44% gains after getting acquired. MDCO Daily ChartDIREXION SHARES ETF TRUST JUNIOR GOLD MINERS INDEX BULL 3X SHARES (AMEX:JNUG) is up 51% since we said that it was a great way to play the Gold rebound. JNUG Daily ChartAptose Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:APTO) is up 131% since June 26. APTO Daily ChartAdvanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) higher by 60%. AMD Daily ChartCloudera Inc (NYSE:CLDR) up 61% since we said the stock was a no-brainer buy. CLDR Daily ChartStrategyWe are looking for swing trades and position trades. We recommend putting no more than 10% into any one position. Stops must always be used with a 7% to 8% trading stop or a 10% investment stop. Our track record has been consistent and have shown 6 to 7 winners and 3 to 4 losers out of every 10 stock picks. No one will bat 100%, not even Warren Buffett. Key is to limit losses and to have more winners than losers and that your winners make up for the losers.2020 OutlookWe are optimistic for 2020 and aim to deliver winners just like we did in 2019. For now, our stock picks are free, but that will be changing. We are going to be launching a paid newsletter over the next few weeks and that is where our best ideas will be posted. To be notified when we launch, sign up below or shoot an email to editor@insiderfinancial.com to get on the list and be notified.Wishing everyone peace, wealth and happiness in 2020.The EditorDisclosure: Please be advised that we are not financial advisors. Please read our full disclaimer.Image by 41330 from Pixabay

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