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A Look At Artistic Ventures Inc Before Its IPO

A Look At Artistic Ventures Inc Before Its IPO
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
December 14, 2016
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Artistic Ventures Inc is a technology company dedicated to art enthusiasts and collectors who are looking to find the hottest art spots in the city they are located, and where all of the major art events and exhibitions will be. Not only does it give you information for special events and art fairs, it also tells you where to find the nearest art gallery and you will be able to follow your favorite artists.Along with buying art online, consumers will be able to interact with fellow art enthusiasts and exchange comments on top art works over the mobile app, ARTZIEST. Social media is playing a larger role in how collectors buy art online. The company is working on finishing the app that will provide all of this and much more; it’s expected to be the Uber for art collectors, investors, buyers and sellers. We believe this application will have the potential to scale up. The application when released we feel will have a revolutionary impact on the online art market.Artistic Ventures is the only company that is working on this type of app. There is also another project under way, which will be a platform where you can upload or send images of your art piece to be appraised through the company's online features. In some cases Artistic Ventures may purchase works of art it appraises or arrange the sale collecting a profit as a revenue stream.In addition Artistic Ventures will introduce a selling platform where artists, galleries and members will be able to offers their artwork online and a commission % will be charged. Artistic Ventures will seek to make licensing deals with commercially viable artists for lower priced prints, posters and merchandise to sell on its site. The company will also seek to make partnership deals with various retailers. In 2014 the online art market had a value of $3.48 billion.For those of you that are not in the art industry, the most expensive painting was sold to Qatar from a Swiss collector for almost $300 million. The painting called The Card Players by Paul Cezanne was sold for $274 million. If we think about these prices for just paintings and not including sculptures and many more art pieces. The art industry does not suffer to spend money on something with great value to some collectors. Moreover the online market of works from $1000- $75,000 is ripe for the most growth.Earlier this month, Art Basel Miami took place from December 1-4. Art Basel Miami is the sister fine art fair to original Art Basel ( Basel, Switzerland) and Art Basel Hong Kong. Art Basel Miami is a favorite of international art collectors, dealers and celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Pierce Brosnan, Sylvester Stallone and Alex Rodriguez along with hedge fund titans and billionaires alike, most notably ‎Steve Cohen and Aby Rosen.Last year, Art Basel Miami did $3 Billion in sales over three days. In 2015 the global art Market did $60 +billion world wide and the onli‎ne art market did $2.5 billion. The leading Art Economist , Dr Clare McAndrew in Feb 2016 conservatively predicted that art sales would grow 7 percent annum over the next 4 yrs. The mobile app market recently was said by CNN.com to be expected to do $17 billion in 2017.According to the 2016 Deloitte Art and Finance Report, 72% of art collectors said they bought art for passion with investment view. Further, there was an increase from 3% in 2017 to 6% in 2016 of clients and advisers looking to buy art specifically for investment purposes, according to the report. Also in the same 2016 report, 78% of wealth managers (up from 55% in 2014) said they thought art should be part of a wealth management offering.Takung Art Co, Ltd (OTCMKTS:TKAT) is the only art deal on the OTC. However, it’s a very esoteric myopic company that specializes in fractional ownership of just Chinese, antiques and jewelry. This is why Artistic Ventures Inc is a company to keep an eye on. We expect the company to be trading publicly early next year. We will be updating our subscribers as soon as Artistic Ventures Inc hits the tape.Disclosure: We have no position in Artistic Ventures Inc and have not been compensated for this article.

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