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A 2016 Green Rush For Medical Marijuana (OTCMKTS:MJNA)

A 2016 Green Rush For Medical Marijuana (OTCMKTS:MJNA)
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
January 7, 2016
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Medical Marijuana (OTCMKTS:MJNA) is gearing up for an exciting 2016 in the marijuana space. Many experts believe 2016 will be the start of another “green rush” for the marijuana industry. You can include us at Insider Financial in this camp as well. We see a number of catalysts that can propel pot stocks higher and create some of the excitement we saw back in 2014. The marijuana industry is still in its infancy and there’s an awful lot of money to be made by investing with the right companies. At the top of the list is the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, MJNA.The marijuana industry has a lot of tailwinds heading into 2016. Roughly 14 states could legalize marijuana this year, adult-use cannabis or possibly both, either at the ballot box or through state legislatures. While it’s doubtful all those states will be successful, there’s a good chance at least a handful will legalize in 2016. No other single year has offered such incredible promise in terms of the sheer volume of states that could legalize, thanks to other pioneering marijuana markets and growing support for cannabis in general. Helping to drive MJNA is the fact that it has the highest name recognition of all pot stocks.With MJNA, there's no shortage of press releases. The company is a master brander and is constantly feeding the public with its latest developments. Part of the reason for this activity is the fact that the company is an investment holding company with its hands in many facets of the marijuana industry. MJNA's goal is to be the premier innovator in the cannabis and hemp industries.MJNA's most profitable division is HempMeds, an exclusive master distributor for MJNA that provides cannabidiol (CBD) products made from industrial hemp that are already available in all 50 states and more than 40 countries. The unit boasts fast growing revenues and reported $2,876,438 in sales in Q3.In September MJNA announced it had signed a U.S. manufacturer for sourcing of its Gold Label cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil brand Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™). The sourcing agreement is for a minimum of $2,500,000 USD for a 12-month period. The first two months of the contract have already been sold, shipped and processed. The new manufacturer has developed finished natural CBD hemp oil products for both people and pets – and represents an additional new revenue stream for the Company.Last month, MJNA portfolio Companies HempMeds and Kannaway, LLC introduced their newly expanded hemp cannabidiol (CBD) oil product lines at the 23rd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine. MJNA's new CBD hemp oil products, including RSHO’s concentrated 38% special blend oral applicator and blends with MCT oil. This is the most concentrated form of RSHO to date. The special blend is provided in an oral applicator tube that is packed with more CBD content than ever before.Perhaps it's most exciting division is its portfolio investment in AXIM Biotechnologies (OTCMKTS:AXIM). AXIM Biotech is a significant investment company for MJNA, which holds 14,943,650 shares of common stock and 500,000 shares of preferred stock representing 45.5% equity interest in the cutting-edge biotechnology innovator. AXIM is developing the world's first patented cannabinoid chewing gum (i.e. THC, CBD, CBG, etc.) – MedChew Rx™ – for pain and spasticity in multiple sclerosis. AXIM is opening a new medical delivery method with the world’s first patented cannabis-based, controlled-release chewing gum.MS is a big market. There are approximately 2.5 million individuals diagnosed with MS worldwide. Reuters explains that, “There is no cure for multiple sclerosis, or MS, which affects about 400,000 people in the United States. About 80 percent of patients suffer from spasticity...”

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The key with MJNA is separating the hype and the noise surrounding the company. MJNA has a history of large losses and still commands a $74 million market cap. However, if pot stocks start flying again like they did in 2016, MJNA will be one of the first to start moving due to its big shareholder base and name recognition. Be sure to sign up below and get our latest updates on MJNA and all of Insider Financial's hot stock picks!

Disclosure: We have no position in MJNA or AXIM either long or short. We have not been compensated for this article.

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