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4000% Increase For The Newest Bitcoin Player: UMF Group Inc (OTCMKTS:UMFG)

4000% Increase For The Newest Bitcoin Player: UMF Group Inc (OTCMKTS:UMFG)
Written by
Jim Bloom
Published on
January 29, 2018
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The past had been quite rocky for UMF Group Inc (OTCMKTS:UMFG). The company had been performing dismally, and their share price went a long way to prove this. Up until two months ago, they were trading just shy of $0.02, and the daily volume was also significantly low.However, this all changed towards the end of November, to be specific, on 30th November 2017.The turnaround was quite significant. Initially, the traded volume, as well as share price, were quite mundane – the chart below shows the month of November with no traded volumes up until 30th November 2017. However, a major announcement from the company sent the market into a frenzy and activity around the share started being witnessed for the first time.Since then, the share has rocketed from lows of up to $.02 to highs of nearly $1.75, providing shareholders with 8700% in returns from the above gains over a period of two months. Furthermore, their traded volumes also skyrocketed from the aforementioned values to over 3 million shares at its peak period.The figures above have, however, come back down. Their current share price stands at $.82 and their traded volumes have fallen to about 1 million. This still is a massive gain of over 4100% for the company’s shareholders.The chart below goes to show the above price action in detail: SYMB Daily ChartWith the above being the case, we decided to provide readers with a look at UMF Group and evaluate their strategic and operational goals and the milestones they have already met as they work towards achieving them. Through this, we will give our opinion on whether the company’s value proposition is actually feasible or not.UMFG: The HistoryUMF Group Inc has morphed quite a lot over time.The company was founded back in 1988 and incorporated under the laws of the state of Colorado. Back then it was known as South-Mont Corporation and it later changed its name to Black Cat Entertainment Corporation.In 2004, it acquired Mobile Airwaves, a move which necessitated the name change to Mobile Airwaves Corp. This was, however, followed by a second name change to American Development Inc and finally in February 2017, the final name change occurred: UMF Group Inc.Through this entire process, the company’s operating activities have been changing constantly and currently, their activities were tailored towards Medical marijuana. They had ventured into this field with their management setting the expectation that they would bring to the market a new and more efficient method harnessing the process of cannabis production. This was to be achieved through the development of proprietary extracts of cannabis as pharmaceuticals.They were, however, silent since this strategy was adopted.Despite this and a decline in their financial performance over time, the company has finally found the one thing that will allow them to bounce back and this announcement came as the saving grace for the company.UMFG and BlockchainThe blockchain and cryptocurrency craze has been rocking the market with its fire lighting up any stock or market player that it comes into contact with.UMF Group is no different.The company, back in November 2017, announced that it had entered an agreement of purchase with BitBao Group Inc. The agreement would see UMF group benefit from one of the major developments emanating from the company: CryptoSecure application.This application is expected to be a game changer within the cryptocurrency space as it beings together many of the benefits that users accrue from the use of cryptocurrency with the additional benefits of using joint accounts with multiple verification required to withdraw funds from this account. Furthermore, the application comes with great security features – some of which are currently becoming standard industry features such as two-step authentication – that ensure their users do not lose their cryptocurrency through hacking.The company expects that this will set them up within the cryptocurrency space, a space which has grown over the past year and over time to deliver gains in the thousands of percentages to its investors.With this, it is expected that CryptoSecure will become a player within this field and therefore so will UMG Group. Their entry into the cryptocurrency space – a space which has seen the usage increase by over 332% in one year and the market capitalization of its assets rise by over 1000% - explains why their share price has risen by the digits with which it has. Over time, if the above entry into cryptocurrency is well implemented and executed, UMFG will be a significant player in one of the most rewarding sectors in the world today.ConclusionUMFG has just ventured into a lucrative industry, one that will allow it grow at a much faster rate – as their market valuation has shown in detail. The onus is now on its management to ensure that the implementation of the purchase is completed and that they do not miss the chance to take advantage of the current craze that is visible within the cryptocurrency market. If this is implemented, we expect their future share price to keep rising as it currently has.We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on UMFG, sign up below!Disclosure: We have no position in UMFG and have not been compensated for this article.

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