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4 OTC Stocks to Keep an Eye on: ETEK PJET SFOR UMGP

4 OTC Stocks to Keep an Eye on: ETEK PJET SFOR UMGP
Published on
September 25, 2021
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The US stock market ended the week slightly higher, with the major indexes demonstrating higher volatility due to investors’ antagonistic reactions to a variety of factors and events, including the Fed’s statement, high inflation, COVID situation, and more.Meanwhile, the OTCQX Composite index, which tracks over 400 OTC stocks, has bounced back from the lowest level since May.On Wednesday, the Fed said that it may start reducing its bond-buying program in November, which is in line with the expectations. As for the interest rates, Chairman Jerome Powell hinted that more factors should be monitored carefully before starting increasing the rates again.At the beginning of the week, blue chips fell sharply as investors were worried about China’s Evergrande debt problems and its impact on global markets.Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Spartan Capital Securities, told Reuters:

“It's been a very volatile week to say the least, so I think going into the last week of September the volatility is likely to continue especially with the end-of-the-quarter window dressing.”


Smart investors know that if you want to make the big money off a small account, the place to be is the OTC Markets. There are many good OTC stocks that can boost your portfolio’s value in the long term. For investors, we preach the key to trading penny stocks is finding momentum BEFORE it happens and ahead of the crowd.We alert our subscribers with our best ideas before our regular readers. This is the value of having a subscription to Insider Financial, which you can sign up for here.If you watch the Insider Financial YouTube channel, you can get a sense of the ideal time to book profits. We warned our subscribers not to get greedy or get caught up in the diamond hands/paper hands BS.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKxnkGIOhwg[/embed]We also recommend you own a portfolio of penny stocks. For some, that can be as many as 10 to 20 or more OTC stocks. This provides diversification and allows one to manage the market’s moods much easier. It also helps to own shares in the following 4 hot OTC stocks.In this article, we look at 4 OTC stocks that will greatly reward patient investors. They are Eco-Tek Group, Inc (OTCPK: ETEK), Priority Aviation, Inc (OTCPK: PJET), StrikeForce Technologies, Inc (OTCQB SFOR), and Universal Media Group Inc (OTCPK: UMGP). OTC stocks to watch #1 ETEK OTC stocks to watch #2 PJET OTC stocks to watch #3 SFOR OTC stocks to watch #4 UMGP


Eco-Tek Group, Inc has been on the rise this week. The share price has surged by over 300% since Monday, touching a YTD high at $0.0040 on Thursday, which is the highest since 2014.ETEK is adopting a new business direction and is restructuring its brand. So far, we don’t know much about it, but investors are excited about a potential reverse merger with an AI (artificial intelligence) business.Earlier this year, ETEK changed the address, phone and appointed a new officer and director. It shared the financial reports and now goes with the Pink Limited Information symbol.The company hired Emergent LLC to achieve regulatory compliance and seems to target an AI business as a potential merger candidate, though no details are available at the moment.https://twitter.com/EmergentLlc/status/1438865603847016461ETEK has a great share structure, with over 5 billion outstanding shares of 7 billion authorized. Moreover, the company is retiring the extra authorized shares to prevent any potential dilution. Once the Attorney Letter comes, and we find out the merger candidate, be ready for a price surge.https://twitter.com/DeviantImmortal/status/1439659038828990474


Priority Aviation, Inc is another OTC stock trading at its YTD high. The share price has increased by almost 60% since Monday, hitting two pennies on Wednesday, which is the highest since 2014.PJET is related to several other companies, such as Alternet Systems, Inc (OTCPK: ALYI), which is an EV play, and Puration Inc (OTCPK: PURA), a cannabis play. The key people of the three companies work together in the management of American Cannabis Innovations Conglomerated (ACI).PJET was a reverse merger that happened about four years ago between struggling Priority Aviation Inc and Telluride Health, which planned to make ‘Bong Water.’ After no substantial progress, PURA bought Telluride Health from PJET, which seems like an internal deal between ACI executives. Now PJET has no operations at all, although it owns cannabis intellectual properties. PJET acquired from North American Cannabis Holdings Inc (OTCPK: USMJ) (also an ACI Conglomerated business – actually, Steven Rash is President at USMJ and CEO of PJET) the idea of “Americanna Café,” which was planned to provide Hemp infused food products sold off of a food truck. However, this business hasn’t worked as well.We don’t know where PJET is headed next, but smart money has been accumulating.View on Twitter/X


With a market cap of $80 million, StrikeForce Technologies, Inc is much larger than the previous two OTC stocks, and it’s an OTCQB member. The share price has more than doubled since the beginning of the month, with SFOR managing to reverse a long-term bearish trend that sent prices to the lowest level since November 2020.SFOR provides online products that help clients prevent cyber theft and data breaches by protecting customers, employees and partners in real-time at every vulnerable point. Its products are:

  • ProtectID(R) – it offers 2-factor ‘Out-of-Band’ authentication across many methods and devices for protection. Methods that is preferable and low cost for delivering One Time Passwords (OTP). This approach leverages a 2nd network for entering or receiving passwords, which locks out hackers even if they have your username and password. The service, which is patented, is available for in-house, Cloud Service or hybrid.
  • GuardedID(R) – a keyboard encryption and anti-keylogger that functions at the keyboard level, preventing keyloggers (viruses like Zeus, etc.) from stealing login and confidential information.
  • MobileTrust (R) – an iPhone/iPad and Android all devices password vault that includes a strong password generator. MobileTrust also includes a Mobile Multi-Factor OTP authenticator and keystroke encryption between its virtual keyboard and secured browser, which is critical to all confidential online transactions and other features.

SFOR also has a new product called SafeVchat, which is a video conferencing solution.On September 22, the company released an update to shareholders on its growth strategy. It said that it would terminate the security offering on Form 1-A of Regulation A.StrikeForce CEO Mark L. Kay said:

“I am extremely happy to share the news that we plan on closing our Reg A offering today as discussed at last week's interview, after a strategic investor saw the opportunity to get involved and help us meet our minimum funding goal.”

Institutional investors already account for 7% of SFOR’s shareholders, and the fact that a strategic investor is ready to deploy more capital points to confidence in the company’s fundamentals.SFOR is oriented towards growth, which is important. Kay added:

“With this latest investment, we believe StrikeForce has enough monies to now expand on its existing corporate growth strategy, and hire additional sales, marketing and the technical people required to capitalize on the timing and competitive advantage that we have in the authentication, endpoint security & Video collaboration spaces. Collectively, in our estimation, these three technologies are expected to exceed an aggregate of $100B in sales by 2026, and we appear, in our opinion, to be the only cyber security company in the market addressing all three areas, and with patented products.”

That sounds pretty convincing, and we think SFOR is a great OTC stock to hold for the long term. The company’s EVP said that it had launched a new site and a new Channel Program with CRN (Computer Reseller News). CRN has over 784,000 resellers that subscribe to their news & services. It is expected that CRN will be delivering 100 new potential resellers to SFOR each quarter for the next year.


Universal Media Group Inc has had an incredible year, gaining over 670% YTD. The OTC stock started 2021 at less than $0.30 and is now trading at $2.24. On Wednesday, the share price updated the record high at about $3.50.UMGP is a leading producer and distributor of short and long-form content, covering a diverse array of genres for multiple media platforms. UMGP also focuses on the implementation of celebrity-based programming through social media and interactive TV. It produces On The Mike, a TV show that primarily includes celebrity interviews, music concerts, and other events.Earlier this month, the company released a business update, driving the share price higher. UMGP, which also produces the weekly celebrity documentary series “Before The Fame with Mike Sherman”, said that it had taken the first step towards significant corporate expansion.Last month, the company began to proactively retire outstanding liabilities. The liabilities dated May 12, 2017, and October 4, 2019, have been paid, and the convertible notes associated with those liabilities have been canceled. This will be reflected in its next quarterly report. On top of that, the management hired a PCAOB compliant accounting firm to assist the company with auditing its financials and guide it with its uplisting plans. The company said that it would soon release some meaningful news regarding additional corporate actions that will provide great shareholder value.Meanwhile, UMGP is developing the High School Icon App, which is expected to launch in Q4 2021. The app is the precursor to a syndicated show which we will have significant news regarding in the near future. Universal Media has multiple projects that will have significant updates in the near future.CEO Mike Sherman commented:

“There are so many things happening currently with Universal Media. We have major distribution news soon to announce regarding ‘Before the Fame’. Our ‘High School Icon’ business is truly taking shape with both the app development and significant interest from major networks. We also have multiple NFT projects with athletes, stars, and recording artists that have been involved with both ‘On the Mike’, and ‘Before the Fame’.”

https://twitter.com/umgp_ir/status/1440813287579422726We like that UMGP is leveraging the NFT (non-fungible token) trend, as NFTs are one of the fastest-growing sectors within the blockchain space. NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that represent something unique, irreplaceable, and scarce.UMGP is preparing for uplisting, experiments with NFTs is producing great content, and is expected to release more substantial updates. What more do you need from an OTC stock?https://twitter.com/TTTexas313/status/1440683444611149836


All of the 4 OTC stocks discussed today are on the rise and are good stocks to hold. Nevertheless, our best advice is to be patient and enter the market during corrections. Buying dips and selling rips as swing trades remains the best strategy in the penny stock market. Still, whenever a penny stock is in the middle of a bull run, we recommend our subscribers to book profits.It’s very important to eye the best OTC stocks that have room for growth and have yet to make their explosive move. There are plenty of opportunities, and we take our time to monitor hundreds of penny stocks to buy each week, trying to find the best alerts for our subscribers.Remember, all you need is one or two penny stocks to succeed in order to crush the market averages.As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


Disclosure: We have no position in any of the securities mentioned. We wrote this article ourselves and it expresses our own opinions. We are not receiving compensation for it. We have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Insider Financial is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This article is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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