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March 4, 2022
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The OTC bear market continues; however, this too shall pass. We’ve been here before and will be here again. Markets go in cycles and OTC stocks aren’t immune. Matter of fact, the OTC probably sees more bull and bear markets in a year than any other market.OTC investors are failing to realize that there are still plenty of opportunities on the OTC Markets. Continuing to buy the dips in losers is not a winning strategy. We tell our subscribers to focus on what’s working and ignore the noise. Don’t get caught up in the diamond hands/paper hands BS. We talk about all of this in the video below.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PxKf1ZaMmg[/embed]In this article, we look at 4 hot OTC stocks. The OTC stocks are Propanc Biopharma, Inc (OTCQB: PPCB), Principal Solar, Inc (OTCPK: PSWW),Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (OTCPK: SIRC), and Verde Bio Holdings, Inc (OTCQB: VBHI). OTC stocks #1 PPCB OTC stocks #2 PSWW OTC stocks #3 SIRC OTC stocks #4 VBHI


Propanc Biopharma, Inc is a small biopharmaceutical company, although it goes with the OTCQB designation. The share price suddenly spiked on Wednesday to $0.036 and then corrected to the current level of $0.023. While larger timeframes demonstrate that the OTC stock has been moving horizontally for months, the recent surge came amid record volume figures, with more than 6 million shares changing hands on Wednesday.The $2 million company focuses on the development of cancer treatments for patients with pancreatic, ovarian, and colorectal cancer in Australia. Its lead product is PRP, a formulation that is in the preclinical phase of development designed to enhance the anti-cancer effects of multiple enzymes acting synergistically.On Wednesday, PPCB announced that its cancer stem cell technology, PRP, offered renewed hope to achieve a total victory in the fight against cancer. Cancer stem cells are resistant to standard treatments because they can lie dormant for long periods, migrate to other organs, and trigger explosive tumor growth, causing the patient to relapse. 80% of cancers are from solid tumors, and metastasis is the main cause of patient death. PRP is designed to target and eradicate cancer stem cells not killed by radiation or chemotherapy. By treating solid tumors with PRP, the tumor loses the ability to generate new cells and disappears, with no option to form a metastatic tumor elsewhere.The company’s scientific researchers have published data confirming that PRP regulates up to 4 relevant pathways, TGFβ, Hippo, Wnt, and Notch, related to cancer spread and metastasis of CSCs. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220302005507/en/CEO James Nathanielsz said:

“Through scientific research, our discoveries provide evidence that our technology can control the spread of cancer. As a result of international borders reopening since the pandemic, we plan to visit our joint research partners in Spain, as well as undertake a road show in the US, advancing our company’s partnerships as we prepare for a First-In-Human study in advanced cancer patients.”

The world has focused on the COVID-19 pandemic for the last two years, but cancer is still one of the most important health issues worldwide, and if PPCB’s technology proves to be successful, the stock will explode.


Principal Solar, Inc has also been on the rise, touching the highest level since mid-November. The Pink Current stock has surged more than three times since last week to peak on Thursday at $0.061. PSWW used to fluctuate above the $0.1 mark, but it has been losing ground since mid-June. It seems that the price is gaining momentum to finally reverse the bearish trend.PSWW strategically invests in organizations, people, properties, and technologies that create and deliver next-generation opportunities in the renewable energy sectors and natural gas.Investors used to pay attention to PSWW’s claims of a unique oil extraction technology called TORS™, which was licensed from Tokata Oil Recovery, Inc. The technology enables the recovery of commercial quantities of oil from waterlogged shallow and marginal wells. Last year, the company’s Board approved a separate division to focus exclusively on oil extraction with the TORS technology. The current oil price surge bodes well for the stock.Nevertheless, the recent price performance has been related to the renewable energy business as well.Last week, PSWW announced the closing of its Regulation A Plus equity offering, which started in November 2020 and concluded on February 16, 2022. The company managed to raise gross proceeds of $8.65 million through the sale of 96.6 million shares of its common stock at a price of $0.0895 per share, which is way higher than the price at the time of the announcement, which supported the bullish move. The proceeds have been used to pay down outstanding debt and expensive convertible notes as well as to invest in or acquire oil and gas leases, oil and gas extraction technologies, operating companies with existing revenues, and electric vehicle technologies.Meanwhile, PSWW is focusing its efforts on electric vehicles and opportunities in the natural gas and power space. Two months ago, PSWW announced the finalization of its acquisition of Double H Services, a company with existing revenues, assets, and a customer base asking for environmentally friendly solutions that can meet their logistics needs, which are currently served by traditional diesel-fueled Class 8 trucks. In 2020, Double-H deployed 17 diesel-fueled Class 8 trucks into the Mid-con region to increase its share of the agricultural, flatbed, and dry-van transportation markets. These vehicles could be upgraded or replaced with hybrid or fully electric vehicles purchased by Double H from PSWW’s heavy EV solutions partners. The company will provide an important update with respect to the acquisition.https://twitter.com/PSWWinc/status/1499413771395215364The acquisition of a business with existing revenue bodes well for PSWW, which has managed to reverse the downtrend. This is a great EV play with solid fundamentals, and it also focuses on the oil market.


Solar Integrated Roofing Corp is showing some great performance, but it’s still moving sideways on larger timeframes. The Pink Current stock has gained 6% during the last five days, trading near 40 cents.SIRC hit the $3 mark in mid-February amid the massive wave of bullish stocks, but it eventually has corrected. The first time we reported on SIRC was in December 2020, when the stock was trading below $0.30. It eventually increased by about ten times in less than two months, which highlights the perfect timing of our analysis.While we don’t anticipate a similar scenario today, the company has solid fundamentals, and we believe it’s undervalued.SIRC is an integrated solar and roofing installation company specializing in commercial and residential properties with a focus on acquisitions of like companies to build a footprint nationally.Earlier this year, SIRC unveiled its ambitious plan for this year, signing a series of binding Letters of Intent (LOIs) to acquire companies, adding an anticipated $78 million in incremental annual revenue. You can find out more details about the acquisition candidates in our latest post discussing SIRC.On March 1, SIRC announced a strategic shift towards prioritizing its over $30 million electric vehicle (EV) charging project pipeline and $20.2 million EV charging project backlog given the immense near-term revenue opportunity. The move is in line with the company’s intention to change its name to SolarEV.To enhance its national EV charging business line, the company signed an LOI for the acquisition of three complementary Los Angeles-based EV charging installers with over $100 million of contracts in their sales pipeline.https://twitter.com/SIRCStock/status/1498654375132213254SIRC CEO David Massey said:

“Electric vehicle charging is the next massive opportunity in our market, and this calculated alignment of our near-term focus will help to position SIRC as a clear national player in the space. The expanding EV charging market is being driven by the rapid adoption of electric vehicles nationwide - for example, the US Energy Information Administration predicts there will be 7.5 million EVs on American roads by 2025. To meet this expected surge in demand, just last week Biden administration announced a plan to allocate $5.0 billion to states to fund electric vehicle chargers over five years as part of the bipartisan infrastructure package. This creates an absolutely immense opportunity for our family of companies nationwide.”

A recent New York Times article discussed the bright future of the EV charging market.Massey went on to say that the company had over $20.2 million in EV charging projects in its backlog with a further $30 million in the pipeline. SIRC expects to further grow this through a recent LOI to acquire three complementary Los Angeles-based EV charging installers with over $100 million of contracts in their sales pipeline and the potential for significant additional growth in the quarters to come. As a result of these acquisitions, the company’s sales run rate is likely to exceed $400 million annually.We think this is the right direction for SIRC, especially given Biden’s package. We view current levels as a discount entry opportunity for savvy investors. New highs are coming in SIRC.


Verde Bio Holdings, Inc is another OTC making waves this week. The OTCQB member saw its share price gaining 30% since Friday, currently trading at $0.013, the highest since the end of December.The $15 million company operates a growing US energy business in Frisco, Texas, which is engaged in the acquisition and development of high-growth mineral rights and select non-operated working interests in premier US basins. Verde currently owns producing mineral, royalty, and overriding royalty interests in the DJ Basin of Colorado and Wyoming, the Haynesville Shale of Louisiana, the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma, the Delaware and Permian Basin of Texas, and the Marcellus and Utica shales in West Virginia. The company is focused on providing strong shareholder returns through asset growth generated by acquisitions and opportunistic divestiture of revenue-producing assets.At the end of last year, VBHI had the Pink Limited Information designation and the “Delinquent SEC Reporting” symbol, but became Pink Current in November and then uplisted to OTCQB.The company remains focused on oil and gas. The current spike in oil and gas prices is contributing to VBHI’s bullish trend.https://twitter.com/MrAddis3/status/1499399880829067273In 2021, VBHI has closed more than a dozen acquisitions, which allowed it to post positive cash flow for the first time as a company. The company cleaned up its balance sheet by eliminating more than $1.5 million (including penalties and interest) in convertible debt, most of which we inherited when the management took over the company in late 2019. Now it’s debt-free.Last month, VBHI released a shareholder update, saying that it had recently seen six permits on its oil properties and two on its natural gas properties. It said that higher oil and gas prices mean more revenue for VBHI and its investors. And, also as mineral and royalty owners, these revenues do not require any additional investment for VBHI.CEO Scott Cox said:

“We have announced one new acquisition in the oil and gas sector recently, our 17th news release about purchases made, and we continue to evaluate other potential strategic acquisitions to expand our portfolio.”

VBHI is also planning to acquire two operational biodiesel plants.We think VBHI is a cheap oil play that may break above $0.1 soon and make new highs as the company continues to expand its oil and gas operations.


All of the 4 OTC stocks discussed today are good stocks to own. The upside is much greater than the downside at these levels.It’s also very important to eye OTC stocks that have yet to make their explosive move. There are plenty of opportunities, and we take our time to monitor hundreds of penny stocks to buy each week, trying to find the best alerts for our subscribers.Remember, all you need is one or two penny stocks to succeed in order to crush the market averages.As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


Disclosure: We have no position in any of the securities mentioned. We wrote this article ourselves and it expresses our own opinions. We are not receiving compensation for it. We have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Insider Financial is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This article is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.

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