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August 5, 2022
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The OTC market is just starting to heat up. We've seen some incredible moves in the NASDAQ with HKD, AMTD, and PGY. Just like how GameStop and AMC, ignited the great bull run in 2021, we expect the same to happen now in the OTC. Fortunes are being made and the time to get into the markets is right now.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UToNgYcm72U[/embed]In this article, we look at 4 hot OTC stocks that will be part of the next bull run, including Emergent Health Corp (OTCPK: EMGE), Genesis Electronics Group, Inc (OTCPK: GEGI),One World Universe Inc (OTCPK: OWUV), and Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (OTCPK: SIRC). OTC Stocks#1 EMGE OTC Stocks#2 GEGI OTC Stocks#3 OWUV OTC Stocks#4 SIRC


Emergent Health Corp has had a great month despite the latest correction. The $5 million company with the Pink Current designation on OTC Markets peaked on Monday at $0.0422, the highest since February. It has eventually corrected to the current level at $0.029, still up 190% over the month.Emergent Health develops and sells regenerative medicine, neutraceuticals, and phytonutritionals. The company is focusing current efforts on marketing licensed patent pending natural stem cell mobilizing agents capable of enhancing each individual's ability to mobilize their own adult stem cells from their bone marrow. Emergent is also licensed under a patent pending application to market a dual-acting all-natural diet aid designed to help control hunger through normal body signals to the brain and stomach. Products are being developed for consumer and Professional markets.EMGE has been ascending on the news that it was acquiring Regen Biowellness, Inc, formally known as Availa Bio, Inc. The completion of the deal was announced on Tuesday. Regen is a distributor of various products in the plant-based and regenerative medical fields. Jim Morrison, President and CEO of Regen has joined the Emergent Board of Directors. Morrison has a great reputation in the personal care industry, most notably as President of L'Oréal. He is considered one of the top brand strategists in the personal care space. Morrison has had a long history of working with celebrities in the beauty space, such as Britney Spears, Kimora Lee Simmons, Flo Rida, Katharine McPhee, Christie Brinkley, Rob Lowe, Kylie Jenner and others. Morrison will become the new CEO of Emergent.Business Week Magazine previously wrote:

“Over the last two decades, Mr. Morrison has had a profound impact on the American Beauty Industry. In the industry's history no other executive has had the level of financial responsibility or breadth of organizational experience as Jim. His devotion to, and success within the American Beauty Industry is unmatched.”

Regen Biowellness has patented products, including Immuniain TM (Immune Booster), an FDA-approved New Dietary Ingredient (NDI), as well as several pending patent applications.Besides the deal with Regen, EMGE announced in mid-July that it had executed a Letter of Intent to acquire Evolutionary Biologics, Inc, a biologics company focused on bringing cutting-edge regenerative products to the medical community. Evolutionary Biologics products include Evo Hybrid and HydrEyes. Evo Hybrid helps to jumpstart the body's own natural healing power to help bring its skin back to youthful suppleness. HydrEyes helps to reduce redness to help reveal our eyes' natural radiance.Previously, EMGE announced its plan to acquire Fusion Specialty Pharmacies, nationally accredited compounding pharmacies licensed in 27 states and located in St. George, Utah.EMGE is expanding rapidly and the price hasn’t caught up yet. The Pink Current stock is on its way to updating the all-time high when it breaks above the $1 mark. This might be the perfect time to get exposure to EMGE.https://twitter.com/MoonMarket_/status/1553910739450068992


Genesis Electronics Group, Inc surged at the end of June and is now bouncing back after a correction. The Pink Current shell has gained about 90% since the beginning of July to peak on August 1 at $0.0039. Back in June, the price broke above $0.004 for the first time in more than a year. The June rally was pushed by record volume levels, suggesting strong momentum.GEGI’s main business has been GMSacha Animals, a pet food line. However, the $6 million dollar company is changing its business direction, and this may come with some great opportunities for investors.At the end of May, GEGI said it was launching a new business plan focusing on acquisitions or license agreements with autonomous technology companies. It will identify companies and/or technologies in industries such as transportation, security, flight, and artificial intelligence (AI) where autonomous technologies will be an explosive accelerator to new business growth.CEO Braden Jones said:

“I am very excited to finally be able to reveal the new focus for Genesis Electronics Group. Since I was appointed as CEO of the Company, there were a lot of corporate housekeeping items that needed to take place so that we can move forward with our business plan. The settlement with the past judgement holder was extremely valuable as it freed up the Company to actively grow the business and provide greater shareholder value. We have been working very hard to refine our business plan and we believe that focusing on autonomous technologies will bring the greatest value to our shareholders.”

He added that autonomous technology had been rapidly advanced over the past 10 years and there were so many industries that can be disrupted if these technologies were applied to them. At the moment, GEGI is assembling a highly-qualified team of advisors and partners that are making introductions to companies that could be good candidates for acquisition or licensing agreements.At the end of June, GEGI signed an agreement to add Kevin Damoa as a strategic advisor to the Board. Damoa is an experienced Operations Professional and military veteran with a demonstrated history of working in the Aviation & Aerospace, Electrification, E-Mobility, and Defense industries. He has held critical leadership positions at early start-ups and well-established corporations. His history includes Flight Module Logistics Management at SpaceX, Integration Project Manager at Northrop Grumann, VP at Romeo Power Technology, VP at XOS Trucks, Logistics & Safety Director at Canoo, and VP of Operations at Serial 1 Cycle Company.GEGI also launched a new interim website to provide more information to its shareholders.We like the new direction of GEGI and expect it to explode when it completes its first acquisitions, especially as it has a beautiful share structure with authorized shares almost maxed out.https://twitter.com/GenesisElectro4/status/1554162872757784576


One World Universe Inc is finally gaining some traction after months of bearishness. The Pink Current stock was actually our biggest winner last year, and we expect the good days to return. The OTC market offers some of the greatest returns if you know where to look, and our job is to help investors identify the best opportunities.OWUV, a subsidiary of J. Craig Holding Corp, has surged over the month from $0.023 at the beginning of July to break above the $0.1 mark at the end of the month. Now it trades at $0.075. Volume figures surged to the highest year-to-date, pointing to the reversal of the multi-month downtrend.OWUV is a $16.5 million company that invests in sports memorabilia (including through non-fungible tokens - 'NFTs'), distressed assets, and business opportunities within emerging industries and provides humanitarian efforts in over 185 countries.During the last few weeks, OWUV – which has been a Caren Currier play since she joined its Board in April – announced some acquisitions and deals that can positively impact its balance sheet. It also shared a profit in its latest quarterly report released earlier this week.https://twitter.com/OneWorldU/status/1554547630008582144On August 3, it said that was in negotiations to acquire controlling shares in a digital bank that accepts deposits. CEO Caren Currier said:

“Being able to connect Ameritrust with a digital bank that is available worldwide, will give us the capacity to grow our lending lines. By increased lending lines, we will have the ability to protect our veterans and other individuals from being homeless. With a vast percentage of our homeless being veterans, one of our main goals is helping those in the United States and around the world to be removed from living on the streets.”

We think OWUV is undervalued at this point, and it may return to the $0.5 mark again very soon. With the new acquisition, a great share structure plans to up list to OTCQB, and huge revenue ($150+ million quarterly revenue) expected from Ameritrust, OWUV is poised to extend its rally in the coming months.


Solar Integrated Roofing Corp is the largest company on this list, and it is performing great. The $185 million business saw its share price more than doubling over the month. The Pink Current stock traded near $0.15 in mid-July and has increased to the current level at $0.41, close to the level where it traded the last time when we reiterated our bullish case for SIRC in March.SIRC is an integrated solar and roofing installation company specializing in commercial and residential properties with a focus on acquisitions of like companies to build a footprint nationally.In February 2021, SIRC hit the $3 mark amid the massive wave of bullish stocks, but it eventually corrected. The first time we reported on SIRC was in December 2020, when the stock was trading below $0.30. It then increased about ten times in less than two months, which highlights the perfect timing of our analysis.At 40 cents, we still think SIRC is undervalued and is able to provide more to its shareholders.The latest price increase came after SIRC announced the introduction of an innovative new solar financing product to non-profit entities. The low-income, no credit score solar financing product - funded through a joint venture with Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing (REPM) - unlocks new commercial-scale solar opportunities for SIRC in a sector with minimal competition due to historical financing difficulties.The financing product, exclusively available to non-profits through installers within the SIRC family of companies, only requires an organization to prove that they have paid their last six months of electricity bills. REPM retains ownership and offers financing for the system through its fund, allowing the SIRC family of companies to remain focused on the efficient sale and installation of these commercial-scale solar projects.CEO David Massey commented:

“This exciting new financing agreement allows nonprofits to quickly meet their sustainability goals and lower power costs with no upfront expense. Our solar solutions protect non-profit customers against the risk of rising energy prices, all while avoiding the historical issues that non-profits have had with securing financing. We have already seen immense interest, securing approvals to install solar for eight non-profits with the potential to install 100 more in 2022 alone.”

SIRC has a great share structure, and its revenue has surged in Q3 to record levels.https://twitter.com/SIRCStock/status/1555193345391181824Its EV charging business is also doing great. The company said that EV charging subsidiary PLEMCo will be a featured sponsor at Fully Charged Live North America - the world's largest electric vehicle show - taking place September 10-11, 2022 in San Diego, California.https://twitter.com/SpacTraderInTra/status/1357611542456451072It's only a matter of time before SIRC will be trading over $1.


All of the 4 OTC stocks discussed today are good stocks to own. The upside is much greater than the downside at these levels.It’s also very important to eye OTC stocks that have yet to make their explosive move. There are plenty of opportunities, and we take our time to monitor hundreds of penny stocks to buy each week, trying to find the best alerts for our subscribers.Remember, all you need is one or two penny stocks to succeed in order to crush the market averages.As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


Disclosure: We have no position in any of the securities mentioned. We wrote this article ourselves and it expresses our own opinions. We are not receiving compensation for it. We have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Insider Financial is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This article is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.

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