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December 20, 2021
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Smart investors know that if you want to make the big money off a small account, the place to be is the OTC Markets. There are many good OTC stocks that can boost your portfolio’s value in the long term. For investors, we preach the key to trading penny stocks is finding momentum BEFORE it happens and ahead of the crowd.We alert our subscribers with our best ideas before our regular readers. This is the value of having a subscription to Insider Financial, which you can sign up for here.If you watch the Insider Financial YouTube channel, you can get a sense of the ideal time to book profits. We warned our subscribers not to get greedy or get caught up in the diamond hands/paper hands BS.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8uKpbDu6bs[/embed]We also recommend you own a portfolio of penny stocks. For some, that can be as many as 10 to 20 or more OTC stocks. This provides diversification and allows one to manage the market’s moods much easier.In this article, we look at 4 hot OTC stocks that will likely continue to grow in 2022. They are APT Systems, Inc (OTCPK: APTY), AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc (OTCPK: AVVH),Engage Mobility, Inc (OTCPK: ENGA), and Palayan Resources, Inc (OTCPK: PLYN). Hot OTC stocks #1 APTY Hot OTC stocks #2 AVVH Hot OTC Stocks #3 ENGA Hot OTC stocks #4 PLYN


APT Systems, Inc bounced back on Friday after touching the one penny support the previous day. The share price of the Pink Current stock has gained over 30% during the last trading day of the week to close at $0.014, the highest since December 1. On Thursday, APTY touched the one cent low for a second time this month, forming a double bottom, which is interpreted as a trend reversal pattern that anticipates the formation of an ascending move. The price is currently aiming to break above the pattern’s neckline, which may happen this week. From then on, it can go higher to the next resistance near $0.02, which is the highest since mid-November.APTY obtained the Pink Current status only recently and is ready to expand its business. The first time we reported on APTY was in mid-June when the stock was trading relatively at the same level. It has managed to hit the highest in five years at three pennies, but it’s ready to go higher.APTY is a software development and fintech company that is working on a trading platform, a gold and USD-backed stablecoin, and payments and escrow infrastructure, among others.The platform it is currently developing is called Verifundr, an escrow services ecosystem powered by blockchain. It will allow users to transfer dollars, store funds in escrow in order to bind contracts, and later pay others from the credited funds anywhere in the US. Verifundr relies on smart contracts, which are blockchain-based, self-executing programs that can settle agreements between two or multiple parties without the need for a centralized authority.Earlier this year, APTY said that it was building a financial ecosystem around escrow and trading services that would be backed with a true stablecoin called Spera (SRA).Last Friday, APTY announced that it had finally deployed its Spera stablecoin onto the Testnet as part of its internal testing and quality assurance prior to release of Spera onto the MainNet for distribution. CEO Glenda Dowie said:

“During this testing phase we perform a final quality assurance pass prior to bringing in third parties for independent security verification.”

For those unfamiliar, Testnet is an alternative blockchain used for validating a token’s functionality. Testnet tokens are distinctively different from actual tokens as they have no value. Still, their performance can be measured and evaluated prior to the release of the tokens to the MainNet, which is the actual blockchain network.APTY promotes its Spera as a true stablecoin, meaning that its market value is backed by an actual currency or commodity. In Spera’s case, its one-dollar value is backed by a combination of US dollars and gold. The company is also developing a wallet to hold Spera that will work seamlessly with its Verifundr digital escrow application.The stablecoin is one of the greatest innovations of the crypto industry, marking the beginning of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Stablecoins combine the convenience and stability of fiat currencies and other real-world assets with the security and decentralization of blockchain. They inspired central banks to test and issue Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and are here to stay.APTY has a bright future by betting on stablecoins and building an entire blockchain payments infrastructure. Besides this, the company has a great share structure that favors a long-term uptrend.https://twitter.com/emeraldRose_/status/1471921317318311937


AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc has been dormant since mid-September when we mentioned this Pink Current shell the last time. Last week, the share price bounced back after finding support near $0.025 and is currently trading at $0.038, the highest since mid-November.When we first reported on AVVH in June, investors anticipated a merger with Gold Quest Group, LLC – a residential, commercial, and heavy industrial direct lender and financial brokerage firm based in Houston, Texas. It has been around two decades and lends over $500 million per year in Texas and across the US, becoming one of the largest lenders in the state.The official news came later that month when AVVH announced that it had been acquired by Omnis Public Capital Management, LLC, which brought new management and presented the new direction of the company. The main plan of Omnis was to merge AVVH with the recently created company, Gold Quest Capital, Inc.The goal of AVVH/Gold Quest Capital will act as the funder of choice for highly collateralized real estate first lien notes and real estate investments sourced and originated by the Gold Quest Group, LLC. AVVH/Gold Quest Capital will also take advantage of select real estate redevelopment projects and is evaluating the possibility of creating its own integrated properties, including branded hotels and resorts, in the future. AVVH/Gold Quest Capital will share some of the same management team, knowledge and strategies, as well as office space and resources, with Gold Quest Group.Gold Quest Group CEO Miguel Sanchez became the CEO of the post-merger business.The merger has been handled by Kris Management LLC, which previously held the controlling stake in AVVH.Kris Management said that it had some major news for AVVH for Monday, December 20, so momentum is still building.https://twitter.com/KrisaManagement/status/1471885505751130133Last month, Sanchez said in a company update:

“We have successfully integrated our new management team into our company infrastructure and will continue to add new key executives in the coming months. During the past 60 days, we have finalized the company strategy to focus as the funder of choice for highly collateralized real estate first lien notes and real estate investments sourced and originated by the Gold Quest Group, LLC. The company also plans to fund loans with other real estate brokers that provide opportunities that meet the company’s established funding criteria. Our management team has finalized a proposed merger date for AVVH/GoldQuest Capital for mid-December 2021, shortly after our current reporting period ends. Once the merger is complete, we will be applying to FINRA for a name and symbol change as soon as reasonably possible.”

The $36 million company is about to finalize a great merger and is changing its name and symbol. This start of the journey is great news for early investors, so keep an eye on AVVH.


Engage Mobility, Inc is one of the examples of why it makes sense to invest in OTC stocks, which can show some impressive growth in a relatively short period. The Pink Current stock has surged by almost 500% in the last five days alone, currently trading at $3.35. The share price has broken above $4 for the first time since 2014. It used to trade at only three pennies as early as September, suggesting a return of over 10,500% in less than three months.On Wednesday, London-based company Bebuzee (UK), Ltd said that it had finalized the acquisition of the controlling stock interest in ENGA. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bebuzee, ENGA will operate as the primary commercial vehicle for Bebuzee’s social network platform through a series of licenses of the company’s proprietary intellectual property. In connection with the acquisition of ENGA, the respective management of Bebuzee has been appointed to the same positions within the public company.Bebuzee CEO Joseph Onyero said:

“This is a tremendous step forward in the growth of the Bebuzee brand. As part of our long-term strategic initiatives, we view becoming publicly-traded as a means with which to attract additional capital to the corporate group in furtherance of our growth objectives.”

Founded in 2012, and named one of Britain’s top fifty technology startups, Bebuzee offers a fully-built platform which has boasted over forty million users. Bebuzee provides a unique, proprietary video-sharing platform and streaming service that allows members to watch a wide variety of content such as movies, series, documentaries and talk shows on any internet-connected device. The technology scans the world’s news, features, and information flow to give its dedicated readers the best of the Internet in one place.The number of ENGA’s authorized shares far exceeds outstanding shares, but Onyero said that the company was committed to minimizing dilution, including maximizing its external valuation prior to raising additional capital. Also, the management doesn’t plan any reverse split.So far, the reverse merger is exciting news for ENGA investors. Those who missed the uptrend can wait for a correction before getting exposure to the stock.https://twitter.com/Stockminds009/status/1471925551040446475Bebuzee is growing fast and is a great long-term bet.https://twitter.com/JayV80/status/1471149751190044679


Palayan Resources, Inc is another Pink Current stock that had an impressive week. The share price has surged by over 170% during the last five trading days, currently fluctuating near 15 cents. Still, there is much room for growth as PLYN used to trade near $1 at the beginning of the year.The $5 million company operates as a shell and is seeking transactions on a managed basis, acquiring controlling interests in acquisition targets as subsidiaries. It identifies and acquires at-revenue and profitable operating companies with growth potential. So far, PLYN is industry agnostic and opportunity-driven.On Wednesday, PLYN said that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding to buy a fintech company in the money transfer industry. PLYN stressed that it was a global firm that was asked not to be identified as of today. CEO James E. Jenkins commented:

“The company with which Palayan has signed the MOU is projected to achieve more than $1 billion in transaction volume by 2023. The company has established an extensive, worldwide network of partners and has an experienced management team in place to create value for shareholders.”

The transaction was originated by C2C Business Strategies, LLC, which serves as a strategic advisor for PLYN. C2C Business Strategies is the management arm of C2C Private Investment Company.Jenkins specified:

“This is a fintech company that has developed a robust platform for digital payment, fintech and private lending solutions, including blockchain technology. Their market opportunity globally is excellent.”

PLYN is turning into a blockchain play with great potential, which may allow it to explode to the $1 mark again sooner than later. All in all, this will be an exciting week for PLYN, ENGA, and other OTC stocks, so make sure to watch the market closely.https://twitter.com/MaryMichelleNay/status/1471134809690976267


All of the 4 OTC stocks discussed today are good stocks to hold. The upside is much greater than the downside at these levels.It’s also very important to eye OTC stocks that have yet to make their explosive move. There are plenty of opportunities, and we take our time to monitor hundreds of penny stocks to buy each week, trying to find the best alerts for our subscribers.Remember, all you need is one or two penny stocks to succeed in order to crush the market averages.As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


Disclosure: We have no position in any of the securities mentioned. We wrote this article ourselves and it expresses our own opinions. We are not receiving compensation for it. We have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Insider Financial is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This article is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.

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