Glaxon is a brand that really made some headway during the year of 2020. Not only did the brand make a huge impact during the year, they made an impact under some not so perfect circumstances.

Really, by now you should all know about Glaxon, if you follow us that is. Be ready to hear a lot more from them, because while 2020 was already a great and busy year for them, word on the street is that they have no intentions of stopping. So here is our spotlight, and get ready for more from them.

Why They Won Breakout Brand of the Year

While there were many great brands that really broke out in 2020, we have to admit, Glaxon was the clear winner. Maybe not by a mile, but by a good margin to put it lightly. Not only did they come with cool looking products and funny comics, they also made some noise with how effective their products are.

While there are a few other brands that grew immensely during 2020, Glaxon seemed to get more attention by simply being different. No big name bodybuilder signed, no basic formulas, no product, not even a protein powder. They simply come out with cool products with some awesome formulas. They will certainly be a brand to watch out for not just in 2Zero Torque Manufacturing LLC curreave huge market pull. Glaxon was recently picked up by GNC as part of a new GNC partnership and Storm is launching in January and ramping up production of the Storm ‘Focus’ and ‘Pre-Workout’ products to accommodate for inventory requirements will begin in the coming days and weeks. Outside of those two initial partners, Zero Torque will be opening up capacity throughout 2022 to further brands requiring significant inventory production and expects to carve out a niche for itself, especially during COVID, by ensuring it has raw material inventory sufficient to run continuous operations and fill very large orders very fast.