SPONF Secured initial orders for it’s Doc Wylder’s product line consisting of Lemonades in four types. Lemonade infused with Vodka, Lemonade infused with Tequila, Lemonade and Berry infused with Vodka and a Lemonade infused with Bourbon.

SPONF recently acquired Premier Beverage Consortium LLC (“PBC”) of Redondo Beach California, for stock and cash, instantly positioning the Company to quickly become a significant player in two rapidly expanding global markets.






The market just opened and we have an exciting new profile for today’s session.  You may remember SPONF from last month when we put you in front of the company and it ran to .11 on a massive short squeeze.  Maybe you remember it from the month before that when it squeezed again 154% overnight when we profiled it.  

This one has boasted a potential 400% in gains the past two times we profiled it.  I think it is safe to say that SPONF has been our biggest winner of the year to date.  If you have been a member since December then you know that we profiled this one at .008, under a penny.

SPONF showed signs of a reversal yesterday.  Could we be looking at another squeeze today?

We don’t know but the company has put out extremely encouraging news since we last took a look at it just about a month ago.

SponsorsOne Secures Initial Retail Orders for Doc Wylder’s: Eastern USA Distribution Network Begins to Grow

Retailers And Distributors Quickly Signed For New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, And Delaware

WATERLOO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2021 / SponsorsOne Inc., (CSE:SPO)(Frankfurt:5SO)(OTC Pink:SPONF), a company that utilizes its proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding, and operational & funding capital, giving it a competitive first-mover advantage in rapidly selling proprietary brands focused in the Alcohol, Functional Beverage and Hemp Sectors, announced today it has received purchase orders for Doc Wylder’s to be on retailer shelves mid-April, 2021.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: “The initial response from retailers and distributors for Doc Wylder’s has been very strong. The product is uniquely positioned in the “Ready to Drink” market, and the branding is equally attractive to male and female buyers. These orders represent the start of the summer selling season and will be on the shelves of liquor and grocery stores in April.”

Below are some comments from the first retailers in New Jersey.

Don Carter, Wine & Spirits Specialist. CS, WSET L3, for ShopRite Wine & Spirits, said: “I would like to confirm that 4 of the Inserra ShopRite Wine & Spirits stores have committed to a total of 84 cases of the Doc Wylder’s RTD. I have alerted our other six stores that you will be visiting, and I am convinced we will be interested in building this Brand in all of our locations.”

Ray Stecky of Ronetco ShopRite Wine and Spirits, which represents nine stores in New Jersey, stated: “Really love the packaging, looks great. I will take Doc Wylder’s in all nine stores with 10 to 25 cases per store depending on store volume”.

Our goal is to have most of the USA covered with distribution and retail availability by the time the summer buying season commences. We are currently making final distributor presentations to cover the following additional states: Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. We are focusing our efforts from east to west due to the unique selling seasons in those regions.

These distributors have also made commitments to carry our Smithville Bourbons and Whiskies, our Riverview Gin, and our 4 Corner’s Vodka.

Due to our anticipated growth, we are in the process of hiring brand ambassadors to represent our portfolio and be the local face of our brands and do staff training.

SponsorsOne Inc. (SPONF) operating out of Waterloo, Ontario, SPONF is an emerging player in the next evolution of digital marketing through micro-influence, storytelling and digital-commercewith the SponsorCoin platform and its highly scalable – smart contract based digital-currency. Combined, this allows brands to build and manage exclusive and highly engaged communities of influencers (from pro to micro-influencers) within the social realm. The SponsorCoin platform provides for data-driven marketing campaigns that will change the way brands connect with their customers. SponsorCoin is a tool for brands to inspire real movements around their products and services in which their most valuable customers become their best salespeople, producing far higher ROI than current social media advertising methods. SPONF makes small brands BIG through large, engaged, authentic communities of micro-influencers that buy and support the brands they love,

SPONF has several catalysts on the horizon; late last year SPONF added the Former COO of Skyy Vodka to New Management “Dream Team”

• Mr. Kevin Swadish: the Former COO of Skyy Vodka, is to oversee Product Sales & Distribution.

• Mr. Ricardo Camargo: the Company’s Chief Branding Officer, will oversee Brand Development and Marketing -former clients including Adidas, Oakley, Nike, Skullcandy, Timberland, Pepsi, Boost Mobile, Fossil, Crocs, W Hotels, TaylorMade, and Logitech.

• Mr. Ron Miranda: who will oversee Product Design, Development and Production, Developed National Private Label Brands For Trader Joes, Safeway And All Their Subsidiaries. For more information on Doc Wylder’s “Ready to Drink” product line: www.docwylders.com Check out the SPONF press release here:

Last week on January 19 SPONF announced the branding for its portfolio of distilled spirits. Smithville Bourbon is the name for its line-up of Bourbons and Whiskeys, including the following expressions – six-year Bourbon, four-year Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and a Four Grain Whiskey. The new Bourbon and Whiskey line derive their name from Smithville. Smithville’s name was as a result of a coin toss.

Four Corners Vodka, SPONF boutique vodka, has been handcrafted from local, small production farms, enabling us to produce the smoothest, finest tasting Vodka available.The name Four Corners inspiration is the four grains used along with the four corners in the central part of the town of Smithville.

Riverview Gin is a compilation of proprietary local and statewide botanicals carefully blended to create the most aromatic expression while providing flavors rarely captured in a bottle. Riverview derives its name from the many early families who settled in Smithville; and lived on the Colorado River. Currently, the Company is finalizing samples to deliver to retailers and distributors across the USA, Canada, and International.As well, its distilled spirits product line up will be offered directly to consumers through its eCommerce platform. Product availability will be late Q1 to early Q2 2021.

The new Doc Wylder’s product line consists of Lemonades in four types. Lemonade infused with Vodka, Lemonade infused with Tequila, Lemonade and Berry infused with Vodka and a Lemonade infused with Bourbon, all packed in a 12 oz/4pack. The aluminum bottle has a stunning graphic and is recyclable, resealable.

On December 15 SPONF reported the initial sample production run for Doc Wylder’s is underway with delivery scheduled for the first week of January 2021. First production runs of Doc Wyler’s will be configured as six 4-Packs per case, three Packs of Lemonade with vodka, one Pack of Berry infused with vodka, one Pack of Lemonade infused with bourbon and one pack of Lemonade infused with tequila. The ingredients are comprised of premium alcohol and real Lemonade, making this one of the first high quality “Ready to Drink” products in the market.

Kevin Swadish, President of S1 Brands, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SponsorsOne said: “Buying season for this type of market starts in January to get inventory for the spring break market starting in February. The making of the Doc Wylder’s message is being developed to be different and thought-provoking, tailored to its geographical consumer audience. The marketing will be built to maximize and enhance brand equity. Major retailers have already taste tested all flavors and the response was very favorable, with Vodka, Bourbon and Tequila being the top three categories in the spirits market.”

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, added: “The acquisition Premier Beverage Consortium with the Doc Wylder’s line was to immediately provide the Company a seat at the table in the rapidly emerging RTD’s and Hard Seltzer’s market that projected to have revenues of tens of billion dollars through 2025. We are on track to begin full-throttle sales activities by getting these initial production run samples into buyer’s hands immediately, which we hope will rapidly enable us to progress towards market launch, revenue, and the realization of potentially significant earnings in 2021.”

SPONF recently acquired Premier Beverage Consortium LLC (“PBC”) of Redondo Beach California, giving the Company a significant foothold in rapidly emerging markets. This acquisition, which closed November 2, 2020, and made in stock and cash, instantly positions the Company to quickly become a significant player in two rapidly expanding global markets. Some of PBC’s portfolio of Infused Lemonades, Craft Vodka, and Whiskey/Spirits have gained traction quickly with consumers, propelled by the founding partners’ expertise in scaling consumer brands and building brand equity through private labels for Safeway and Trader Joe’s.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: “This move aligns with Sponsor One’s vision to be a bold and innovative, high-end portfolio of distinctive brands and products that deliver exceptional consumer experiences. As part of the agreement, SponsorsOne will work with the Premier Beverage Consortium team to further scale their Brand’s growth while leveraging our rich consumer insights and analytics. It will also allow us to apply our brand-building expertise and utilize our high-performing digital technology techniques. Also, our direct to consumer, influencer marketing combined with wholesale distribution will allow us to build and launch brands to meet this demand.”

Check out PBC website here: https://premierbeverageconsortium.com/clients/

PBS products are sold through Safeway, Albertsons, SouthWest Spirits and Wine and Esser.

GO Nutraceuticals – First of its kind, whole plant extraction infused into medicinal botanicals that help you sleep, energize, mediate, relax and ease. Its the only all natural raw CBD solution the way mother nature intended.

GO Water – GO Water is the first of its kind with a whole plant extraction, all 120 cannabinoids and the full entourage effect. Water soluble, not taste no smell just pure spring water.

GO Chewables – Introducing GO Nutraceuticals chewable CBG tablets. With two flavors, Cherry and Mint, GO chewables are easy and enjoyable to consume and are sold direct to consumer through GO Nutraceuticals’ online store and through SPO’s wholesale and retail distribution channel.

Check out PBC website here: https://premierbeverageconsortium.com/clients/

The cannabis industry is just getting started, and may have been the biggest winner on election night. After Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and Mississippi all legalized some form of cannabis use, 15 states and Washington, DC, have now fully legalized marijuana for adults over the age of 21, while 36 states have also now legalized medical marijuana. This means that the majority of Americans now have some form of access to marijuana- either medically or recreationally.

Analysts at Cowen say sales could reach $16 billion by 2025 driven primarily by health and wellness products, as well as food, beverage, and beauty.(3)

However, this is not 5 years ago. It appears it is significantly more challenging to find bargains in this sector in 2020.

Though, SponsorsOne Inc. (OTC:SPONF)(CSE:SPO) may be one to watch.

SponsorsOne is a small upstart at the forefront of this booming demand for cannabis. With its proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding, and operational and funding capital, it has a competitive first mover advantage in this sector.


With the increased adoption and acceptance of cannabis and related products, everyone from luxury retailers to supermarkets to local gas stations are offering products.

However, there is a new cannabinoid that is an under-the-radar hidden gem – CBG, or cannabigerol.

CBG is considered to be the “stem cell” of the plant, and offers enticing potential for both consumers and companies.

“CBG has been found to act on very specific physiological systems and problems, and results for medicinal use are promising.”(4)

Many of CBG’s potential medical benefits can include the following

  • It may be effective in treating glaucoma, as it reduces intraocular pressure
  • It was found to be effective in decreasing inflammatory bowel disease
  • It was shown to protect neurons in mice with Huntington’s disease
  • It’s showing promise in fighting cancer. In fact, it was shown to block receptors that cause cancer cell growth.
  • European research revealed evidence that CBG is an effective antibacterial agent
  • It was shown to be an effective appetite stimulant in rats
  • It may even be useful in preventing bladder dysfunction disorders.



As more people begin to discover the benefits of CBG, it is becoming a more prominent piece in the  multi-billion-dollar cannabis market. However, it is still relatively unknown and a hidden opportunity. Because of that, SPONF may be of the most under-the-radar and undervalued opportunities on the market.

As major retailers around the country struggle to stock their shelves with enough products to keep up with growing consumer demand, SponsorsOne Inc. (OTC:SPONF)(CSE:SPO) has an easy opening and catalyst that could help the company skyrocket.

Because of this explosive consumer demand, SponsorsOne has shifted its focus to create and build brands in-house with a focus on CBG infused beverages. SponsorsOne also has the world’s very first 120mg patch.


SponsorsOne recently entered into a three year Brand Management Agreement with GO Nutraceuticals Inc.-a leading provider of organic botanicals infused with whole-plant hemp cannabinoids.

“SponsorsOne is very excited about building this new category in the green market, the raw – all-natural infusions provide tremendous efficacy above the current highly processed, green products,” states Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne. “We have worked with GO to build the branding from the ground up and now ready to launch into the USA markets”.

With this agreement, SponsorOne Inc. introduced a line of flavored, chewable tablets delivering a 20mg dose of CBG. SponsorOne also collaborated with GO Nutraceuticals to produce a CBG sublingual dissolving tablet that delivers 10mg in a miniscule 6mm size.


SponsorOne Inc. also just acquired Verve Beverage Company. Verve Beverage is best known for the Verve Brand, and is a premium energy beverage with over $236 million in historical sales.

It also entered into a Brand Development Agreement to build a direct to consumer platform for their Energy Drinks. “The opportunity to build an authentic and large-scale community around our brand is what has us excited about working with SponsorsOne”, states Terrell Jones, VP business development of Champ Products, Ltd. “Direct to consumer means higher margin and profits and a more responsive organization to the needs of our customer”.

Additionally, it entered into a Brand Development Agreement to build a direct to consumer marketplace for their “World’s First 120mg Patch.”


SponsorsOne also recently announced that it intends to be one of the first companies to deliver immune boosting beverages with water-soluble micronutrient ingredients in a single molecular structure. These drinks are intended to support the immune system, and help with focused energy, post-exercise recovery, and drug-free relaxation and sleep.

“Health and wellness are top of mind around the world today, and bringing a new technology to deliver micronutrients in a new way, in a higher dose with high bioavailability, will change the way we consume nutrients,” states Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne Inc. “By efficiently delivering all-natural formulations in a novel, effective manner, we can address health, wellness, and performance for all ages.”

The American beverage market has evolved, and health and wellness products now represent approximately 41% of the total beverage volume and over 50% of the market value.(6)


SponsorsOne is also now collaborating with Volunteer Botanicals. Volunteer Botanicals is a company focused on delivering fully customized, botanical-based products for product creators and medical practitioners. The goal of this collaboration is to create a proprietary new branded line of products.

This new product line is the SponsorsOne’s introduction to the beauty market. While the brand is still unnamed, it will be unique from SponsorsOne and function as  a wholly-owned subsidiary utilizing the formulations delivered by Volunteer.


Over 5.6 trillion tobacco cigarettes were produced globally in 2019 and were smoked by over 1.1 billion people. Of these 1.1 billion people smokers, 845 million smoked multiple times per day.

This creates a unique opportunity for hemp cigarettes to join a lucrative market as a healthier alternative and compete.

“We plan to bring a healthier product alternative to addictive tobacco and vaping,” states Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne. “We believe the health benefits provided from smokable organic hemp flower as the delivery system for CBD and CBG will be a game-changer.”

In a study published by the journal Addiction, researchers learned that CBD can aid tobacco smokers in quitting by altering their brains’ attentional biases to cigarette cues. The results showed that when a tobacco smoker has a craving, they do not associate the same positive feelings and satisfaction with tobacco as they do when under the effects of CBD.(8)


The increased legalization, the demand from retailers and consumers, the health benefits, the growth potential. The list goes on and on and why SponsorsOne is so enticing and intriguing.

As consumers clamor for products to alleviate their needs, SponsorsOne has positioned itself in the market with a unique business model and unique product offering. With the world yet to fully discover CBG, SponsorsOne, through its strategic partnerships and key acquisitions, has positioned itself for greatness during this “Green Boom” exciting the world.

SponsorsOne Inc. PINK CURRENT (SPONF) Myles Bartholomew Gary Bartholomew sponsorsone.com

SPONF Security Details Market Cap: $5.5 million Shares Out: 372,504,269 as of 12/11/2020

SPONF has a compelling chart setup; the stock is in breakout mode and has been green 5 out of the last 6 trading days.

SPONF Management:

SPONF mission is to build the foundation of the new social economy. We’re big believers in the unfulfilled potential of social media to give power back to small brands and consumers. We think all advertising can be authentic – all that’s needed is a network to make this happen.

The SPONF team consists of startup veterans and technology experts. They are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (our stock symbol is CNXS:SPO).

Myles Bartholomew, CEO In the world of sponsorship, Myles Bartholomew has been sponsored by over 40 different brands throughout his professional motocross career. During this time, he co-founded MXM Nation to assist amateur athletes to access their favorite sporting brands From this personal experience in the traditional form of sponsorship, Myles was inspired to launch SponsorsOne to create a social platform where passionate consumers can gain access to sponsorship from their chosen brands. Myles currently studies at the University of Waterloo while leading the team at SponsorsOne.

Gary Bartholomew, Executive Chairman Gary Bartholomew co-founded and established MXM Nation and been responsible for expansion of the social sponsorship business model with the launch of SponsorsOne. He has considerable operational experience and technical knowledge of social networks and search engines.

Mr. Bartholomew has acted as Managing Partner at Galt Global Capital Inc., an alternative asset manager focused in the areas of Innovation, Agriculture, Precious Metals and Natural Resources. Additionally, Mr. Bartholomew is a founding advisor to the Masters In Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program at the Conrad Centre, University of Waterloo, and Department of Engineering. Mr. Bartholomew is also a founding advisor of the University of Waterloo’s Stratford Campus School of Global Business and Digital Arts. Mr. Bartholomew takes an active role in mentoring technology-based start-ups in the Waterloo area.

Stephen Barley Mr. Barley has over 30 years of experience in the public corporate arena assisting in the structuring of mergers, acquisitions and providing corporate finance advice. After 15 years of private practice as a corporate finance and securities lawyer, Mr. Barley left the practice of law in 1997 to become President of CHM Financial Services Inc., a private company offering advice to and investing in numerous public companies engaged in the resource and technology sector. Currently he is primarily engaged as Executive Chairman for Redhawk Resources Inc. a TSX listed mining exploration and development company involved in a joint venture with Anglo American on the Copper Creek copper project in San Manuel, Arizona. He also serves as a director on other publicly listed companies. Mr. Barley remains a member in good standing of the Law Societies of British Columbia and Alberta and holds a B.Com. degree from Mount Allison University and a LLB. from Dalhousie University.

Douglas Beynon Douglas Beynon was appointed Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre in 2009 where he served as founder and Chair of the Advisory Council (2003-2009) and continues to serve as an active member of the Advisory Council. Over the last five years, Mr. Beynon has served as Co-CEO of Square Foot Media, Inc. and Co-CEO of Brandlogo Communications Inc. and Chair of BLOOM (formerly the Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement – OCETA)

Recently SPONF added the Former COO of Skyy Vodka to New Management “Dream Team”

• Mr. Kevin Swadish: the Former COO of Skyy Vodka, is to oversee Product Sales & Distribution.

• Mr. Ricardo Camargo: the Company’s Chief Branding Officer, will oversee Brand Development and Marketing -former clients including Adidas, Oakley, Nike, Skullcandy, Timberland, Pepsi, Boost Mobile, Fossil, Crocs, W Hotels, TaylorMade, and Logitech.

• Mr. Ron Miranda: who will oversee Product Design, Development and Production, Developed National Private Label Brands For Trader Joes, Safeway And All Their Subsidiaries. For more information on Doc Wylder’s “Ready to Drink” product line: www.docwylders.com

Check out the December 2, 2020 SPONF press release here:





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