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You Own Bitcoin, Now What?

You Own Bitcoin, Now What?
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
December 4, 2019
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If you got your hands on some Bitcoin (BTC) and you are wondering what you can do with it, you might want to know that online gaming is a fun choice for a lot of people. There is a common argument against BTC that it doesn't have any real uses, which is, of course, as far away from the truth as you could get.Bitcoin games are everywhere these days, and online gambling has become one of the first big uses for digital currency. There are numerous reasons why that is, and most of them have to do with Bitcoin's own nature.For example, it is more secure than traditional money, its transactions are relatively fast and cheap in terms of fees, and it provides more anonymity. Best of all, the coin's uses continue to grow as its adoption grows around the world.

Bitcoin comes with increased security

Everyone knows how important security is for casinos, but it is every bit as important to gamblers as well. It is this security that makes gambling possible. If people do not believe that their funds will be safe, they will not bother to play games and risk their existing money.This is why Bitcoin's security is extremely beneficial in the Bitcoin casino. Thanks to the decentralization of blockchain technology, Bitcoin blockchain cannot be hacked, and so no one can steal BTC from you if you take proper precautions. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so any funds you receive are yours until you decide to spend them.

Bitcoin brings anonymity

Anonymity is another reason why Bitcoin is very popular these days. While we know today that Bitcoin is pseudonymous and not truly anonymous — you can still keep some level of anonymity if you play your cards right. Anonymity is important for gamblers, in particular. This comes for a variety of reasons. In some countries, gambling is frowned upon, while in others, it is openly banned. The ability to hide who you are and where you are from comes as a very precious thing to people from such countries. Those who could get in trouble even for playing the most random gambling game can now enjoy Bitcoin slots without having to worry about such issues in the future.

Bitcoin lets you keep your reward

If you play an online game and you won a certain reward, sooner or later, you would decide to withdraw the money and use it in the real world. With traditional money, that means withdrawing it through bank accounts, credit cards, or some online service like PayPal.The trouble is that all of these services charge expensive fees, which will take a chunk of your money. On the other hand, if you win that same money in the form of Bitcoin — winning it at Bitcoin dice, for example — you can get it to your wallet for only a few cents.Bitcoin transactions come at extremely low fees, mostly due to the fact that you set them up yourself. The more you pay, the faster it will be processed. However, if you are not in a hurry, you can easily pay only a handful of cents, and you will get your money eventually. Not to mention that paying only a slightly higher fee will be enough to have your money delivered within 10 minutes, even if it is coming from the other side of the world.

Bitcoin is becoming more and more useful

Every day, Bitcoin and other cryptos receive new use cases, which make them more and more useful to their users. Merchants around the world are accepting payments in digital coins, and even some major companies are at the brink of getting into it.In other words, winning BTC through Plinko online and from other similar sources is bound to set you up with a real, spendable currency, which you got anonymously, and which you cannot lose if you know how to handle security. This is where the true power of Bitcoin lies — in its efficiency, security, anonymity, speed, and its ever-growing adoption.Image by annca from Pixabay

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