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The Five Major Ways IaaS Will Save An Organization Money

The Five Major Ways IaaS Will Save An Organization Money
Written by
Crypto Queen
Published on
January 13, 2018
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In many ways, innovation - and the steps that we take as a collective to enable it - are the lifeblood of any organization. We've reached an era where simply "spinning your wheels" or resting on your laurels is no longer enough to get the job done, so to speak. Customers everywhere demand not only constant improvement but the ability to leverage all that modern technology brings with it and organizations, regardless of the type of business they're running or even the industry they're operating in, must step up to meet that challenge.

Yet at the same time, innovation doesn't exactly come cheap - as any CFO will tell you. This is largely one of the reasons why IaaS or "infrastructure-as-a-service" has become so popular in recent years - it saves an organization money in a host of unique ways beyond the initial buy-in, allowing them to better position themselves to become that innovation creation engine for customers everywhere.

Yes, it's true that IaaS saves an organization money by eliminating the initial and even many of the long-term expenses required to create such an environment in the first place. But everyone knows this. Only by digging deeper will you begin to get an idea of where the true benefits rest.

1. IaaS Allows You to Focus on What Matters Most

By having your infrastructure delivered as a service (read: ready to consume) by companies like Titanium Blockchain, a leading provider of infrastructure-based enterprise management, what you're really investing in is a way for your IT teams to shift their focus on a larger organizational level. Instead of devoting a significant amount of time and energy to assembling and maintaining an IT infrastructure, these professionals can devote their efforts elsewhere on the factors that matter most to your business and its customers. Instead of simply maintaining solutions, they can devote time and other resources towards creating those innovations and solutions that people have come to depend on.

2. Effortless, Dynamic Scaling

IaaS service providers such as Titanium Blockchain, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure as well as others also give businesses the unique opportunity to scale their infrastructure up and down as their needs continue to change, making sure that they always have the appropriate resources available to address the challenge at hand in exactly the right way given the circumstances. Companies no longer need to be afraid of spikes and troughs when it comes to the usage of infrastructures - indeed, these are factors that nobody needs to worry about anymore. This guarantees an almost unparalleled level of flexibility which, in turn, generates the optimal utilization of resources at ALL times.

3. Unbeatable Reliability

Another one of the major ways that IaaS saves an organization money must do with downtime, or the lack thereof. Consider the fact that the average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure is roughly $100,000 per hour, or that the average cost of a critical application failure is between $500,000 and $1 million during the same period. IaaS, on the other hand, can run even if one of your servers goes down thanks to resources that are spread across multiple servers and data centers. Even if an entire data center goes offline, your infrastructure will not be affected - meaning that you can keep pushing forward, no matter what.

4. The World Becomes Your Office

Thanks to the fact that IT resources are now accessed via an Internet connection with IaaS, not only can multiple users access a single piece of hardware at the same time - they can also do so from anywhere. This doesn't just drive collaboration, but it also opens up a new possibility in terms of working out of the office or even bringing in a totally mobile workforce as the need arises. This, in turn, can help even the smallest of organizations become geographically independent, opening a world of possibilities in terms of not just what you're working on but how you're working on it.

5. The Most Important Benefit of All: Faster Time to Market

All of these leads directly into what is for many the most critical benefit/money saving attribute of infrastructure-as-a-service - the perfect storm that virtually guarantees a faster time to market, allowing you to maintain a competitive advantage at the exact same time. Thanks to the elasticity, the scalability and the reliability that IaaS offers, organizations can increase their efforts at just the right time to get a product or service to market more quickly. In an era where competition is incredibly strong in just about every sector, you can name, what can be more important than this?

Yes, it's true that moving to IaaS can save an organization money almost immediately by eliminating the need to buy more capacity or invest huge amounts of money in new hardware to deal with sudden business needs. But this is just one small part of a much larger story. When you examine the situation, it’s easy to see that IaaS is often the rarest type of investment at all: the one that doesn't just enable innovation, but that quickly begins to pay for itself.

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