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Why Do Smart Devices Make People Feel So Helpless?

Why Do Smart Devices Make People Feel So Helpless?
Written by
Crypto Queen
Published on
August 16, 2018
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Even if you're unfamiliar with the Internet of Things as a concept, you've no doubt already begun to feel its effects. So why do smart devices make people feel so helpless?Often referred to as the IoT for short, it's a term that describes the interconnection of devices - via the Internet - on a massive scale. IoT doesn't just stop at desktop and laptop computers or mobile devices - far from it. It implies a future where countless everyday objects, from television sets to refrigerators to thermostats and more, are all connected to one another, sharing information and using it to make our lives better.According to one recent study, it is predicted that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by as soon as 2020. By 2025, the global value of all IoT technology is expected to hit about $6.2 trillion. Out of all of the businesses that have chosen to implement the IoT across their enterprises, a massive 94% of them say that they've already seen an appreciable return on investment.However, at the same time, an age where just about everything with a computer chip is connected to everything else in what amounts to a living, breathing technological ecosystem, the question must be asked: what does support in the era of the Internet of Things look like? Every device on a network represents, in the worst-case scenario, a potential failure at the worst possible moment. Then, when you start to think of the number of industrial sensors, beacons, advanced RFID tags and similar devices alone - to say nothing of smart sensors and wearable tech - you begin to realize just how difficult it can be to maintain this type of environment in the long-term.

Support in the Era of the Internet of Things

Luckily, there are many companies out there who may already have the answer to this and other essential questions that we're all asking.

Supporting the Internet of Things by Supporting One Another

SupportMarket.io, CanYa, and other organizations have appeared on the scene in recent years, both making sure that our idea of support meets the demands of the IoT-era and redefining what terms like technical support even mean in the first place along the way.Though the problems they're facing are involved, the mission that these types of companies operate under is resoundingly clear: they aim to create a reliable, rapid and instant way for anyone to get support on any device at any time. SupportMarket.io, for example, bills itself as a marketplace for "support, services, data, and warranty for IoT devices, enabled by Distributed Ledger Technology and powered by artificial intelligence." CanYa acts as a decentralized marketplace of services, sort of a social network for technical support, founded based on blockchain technology.

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