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New Cryptocurrency That Will Help You Stay Fit to Be Launched

New Cryptocurrency That Will Help You Stay Fit to Be Launched
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
July 25, 2019
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Ever-changing technology has allowed for significant innovation. Gym-Coin has established itself in transforming the fitness industry by bringing it to a global platform. This platform allows fitness enthusiasts to pay gyms, dance studios, trainers, and supplement retail shops using digital currency. Digital currency, also known as digital money or cyber cash, is a mode of payment that only exists in electronic form.Gym-Coin also allows gym-goers who are on vacation to get ready access to a gym of their choice - wherever it might be. Developed by digital currency experts, this ICO has exceptional security features, which makes it the best in terms of user security and speed. Apart from that, Gym-Coin is developed on the blockchain, which makes transaction costs cheaper compared to other programs using digital currencies. According to research, digital currencies have become more popular, and global gym membership has been on the rise, hence providing a suitable environment for Gym-Coin to prosper. Gym-Coin is also a type of Fitness ICO that decentralized digital currency, and is designed specifically for the fitness industry.A recent survey shows that it is considered to be one of the best ICOs. Experts cite that Gym-Coin could change the fitness industry, considering it is user-friendly, which makes people want to try it. Here are some of the significant advantages of using digital currency;FlexibilityVia a simple press of a button, the Gym-Coin app allows you to pay for a gym membership and conduct other fitness-related businesses using your smartphone. You can also shop for your favorite supplements through Steroidsfax new url. Besides, Gym-Coin provides you with access to approximately 20000 gyms across the world. Moreover, the mobile Gym-Coin app is characterized by the ability to send funds via your mobile wallet. Lower Transaction FeesWhen using credit cards, transaction charges are expensive, especially when you are in a foreign country. Surveys show that you are charged between 2 to 5 percent or more on transactions. However, using blockchain and other digital currencies saves you some money as you pay lower transaction fees.Enables You to Do Business Anywhere Around the World with No InflationDigital currencies provide a secure line for people to conduct various types of businesses around the world. With digital currencies, you can make payments for any service, including a gym membership.Also, digital currencies have no inflation because of controlled quantity limits and the algorithm used in the system.Risks of Digital CurrencyDespite its numerous benefits, digital currency has some setbacks you need to watch out for.Lack of Acceptance and Fear of the FutureLately, changes in value experienced by digital currencies have made many businesses shy away from accepting the technology. Besides, many countries have not started embracing digital currencies due to lack of knowledge and information on how they work.According to onesurvey, many people fear embracing digital currencies because its value in the future is unknown. Furthermore, digital currencies are uninsured and difficult to trace in case of losses.Photo by William Choquette from Pexels

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