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Andiamo Corp (OTCMKTS:ANDI) Climbing Up The Charts

Andiamo Corp (OTCMKTS:ANDI) Climbing Up The Charts
Written by
Jarrod Wesson
Published on
December 21, 2017
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Today, we need to talk about Andiamo Corp (OTCMKTS:ANDI) and its subsidiary Utopya, which is an emerging technology company focused on the development and distribution of mid-market smartphone devices equipped with a proprietary software ecosystem. Company Logo - Andiamo Corp OTCMKTS:ANDIWhat's going on?After a reverse merger executed recently, the market seems to be excited about the new developments of ANDI. The planned launch of a lineup of 3 Utopya-branded smartphone devices in 2018 seems to be the most interesting recent development.But, there is much more.The company was said to be working to secure contract with telecom companies and distributors worldwide. Consequently, the market is expecting the deals to be announced soon.New contracts and new products mean more revenues at the top of the P&L. Market participants know it very well and they seem to be acquiring shares of the company. That's what we conclude from the astonishing volume seen in the stock charts. As much as 400 million shares have changed hands some days in December, which is all-time record volume for the stock.Have a look before we provide more information: Six years chart for ANDI 1 month chart for ANDIBusinessThe company was incorporated in the state of Delaware on September 21, 2000. ANDI's main strategy is the acquisition of intellectual property by purchasing stakes in complementary technology firms.The most significant business seems to be Utopya smartphones.These smartphones will not use a proprietary Android Operating System skin, rather a number of proprietary mobile apps available exclusively to Utopya users are used.What's the target market?The company expects to be "positioned as one of the only mid-market smartphone companies to offer a proprietary software experience to its customers." This strategy is expected to work very well in emerging market economies, where competition is scarce and growth potential is enormous.We believe that the business is very well planned and the directors have put a lot of efforts to design its strategy. Thus, we expect good things from the company and encourage readers to follow it closely.Recent DevelopmentsThe most interesting developments commenced when the company announced its reverse merger. It was put out on November 28, 2017.The most interesting, in our opinion, was not the transaction itself, but the fact that the development of the software ecosystem had already begun. Its completion is expected in Q1 or Q2 of 2018.Additionally, it was noted that the hardware was already being sourced, tested, and vetted from quality smartphone manufacturing partners in China.There is more.Undoubtedly, the most remarkable was that the phones will be launched in various markets worldwide in Q3 or Q4 of 2018. We encourage readers to save the date, as the launch could make the share price increase.On December 7, 2017, ANDI released that the contract with Digital Worldwide Brands and Halogen Music Group. had been terminated. We believe that the company is eliminating activities that do not belong to company's core business.Mike Starkweather, President of Andiamo Corporation, said the following about the new strategic direction of the company:

“This decision was made in order to refocus our strategy in a way that better aligns with the vision of the Utopya Innovations team, given our confidence in their ability to execute on this vision." Source

On December 14, 2017, the company released more information about its business plans. It was released that the strategy will work best in countries in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and India, where smartphone ownership rates are still low but growing rapidly.Additionally, more information was provided about the team of software developers. ANDI counts with two highly experienced teams of software developers in Canada and India.There is more.It was noted that the new phones will have "encryption-based email platform and a revolutionary type of messenger app, designed to ensure state-of-the-art data security." In addition, a unique and highly-secure cloud storage service will be provided, which will protect the information stored in the smartphones from potential intruders.Finally, it was also said that the company is planning to announce a lot of new apps, features, and partnerships in the coming months. Thus, we need to be very alert.On December 19, 2017, more news came about the company's financial sources. In a new press release, the company noted that Mr. Darryl V. Green, who has also acted as advisor to the company, was willing to provide money to finance the company's developments. News about more capital is always a great news.That's not all.We also got to know that Mr. Green is a big fish in the startup universe. He has helped other companies, like Sports Nutrition, raise millions of dollars, which was pushed from a market cap of roughly $1 Billion to over $3.7 Billion.ConclusionCurrently trading with a market cap of $1.1 million, ANDI is an exciting story among small caps. With $155,165 in total assets and only $44,500 in total liabilities, we appreciate the financial situation of the company. The net asset per share is positive, which is very beneficial. To sum up, keep a close eye on this name. It may surprise more in the future.We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on ANDI, sign up below!Disclosure: We have no position in ANDI and have not been compensated for this article.Image courtesy of gio9019 via Flickr

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