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4 OTC Stocks on the Move: CELZ DSGT IQST PMPG

4 OTC Stocks on the Move: CELZ DSGT IQST PMPG
Written by
Alex Carlson
Published on
January 4, 2021
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The last half of 2020 was a banner year for penny stock investors. There was no shortage of big runners with Creative Medical Technologies (OTCMKTS: CELZ), DSG Global (OTCMKTS: DSGT), IQSTEL (OTCMKTS: IQST), and Premier Products Group (OTCMKTS: PMPG) all closing 2020 strong.In this article, we take a look at what’s happening with OTC stocks CELZ, DSGT, IQST, and PMPG. We also give some insight on how to trade penny stocks and what investors should look for when it comes to the OTC Markets.


First up, it’s important to understand that trading penny stocks are not the same as trading blue chips. As we have stressed repeatedly to our subscribers, the key to trading penny stocks is finding momentum BEFORE it happens and then be patient.We got our subscribers in early on TSNP, which you can read our latest here, and ENZC, which you can read about here.Now, when we say that we find momentum BEFORE it happens, we are swing traders looking to position our subscribers BEFORE the move happens. This is where the big money is made and why so many of our subscribers are sitting on gains of over 7750% in ENZC and over 18,650% in TSNP.If you want to day trade, this is not the place for you. If you want to make a few hundred bucks and then lose a thousand dollars the next day, we hear Tim Sykes has plenty of openings.We always alert our subscribers first before we publish for our regular readers. This is the value of having a subscription to Insider Financial, which you can sign up for here. We alert our subscribers with our best ideas before our regular readers.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dORMbs1EmP8[/embed]

OTC Stock #1: CELZ

CELZ was trading in the double zeroes and then really got moving in the middle of December after announcing positive preclinical data supporting the utilization of its ImmCelz® cell-based immunotherapy for the treatment of stroke. OTC Stock CELZ Daily ChartIn an animal model of ischemia stroke, the middle cerebral artery ligation model, administration of ImmCelz® resulted in a 34% reduction in infarct volume, whereas control bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells reduced infarct volume by 21%. Additionally, improvements in functional recovery were observed using the Rotarod test.At 28 days after induction of stroke, the animals receiving ImmCelz® had superior running time (92% of non-stroke controls) compared to animals that received bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (73% of non-stroke control). Animals that received saline had a running time that was 50% of non-stroke controls.Further juicing the stock price was the ability of ImmCelz® to reverse liver failure in the carbon tetrachloride preclinical model of hepatocyte necrosis. These findings are the basis for a patent filing covering various means of generating the ImmCelz® product in a hepatoprotective specific manner. The Company has previously reported that ImmCelz® is capable of treating animal models of stroke, as well as inducing "immunological tolerance" in a model of autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis.To sum up CELZ, the company is a play on stem cells and its technology works. To date, CELZ has demonstrated that ImmCelz® has a therapeutic activity in stroke and liver failure. Liver failure represents a significant unmet medical need and we are extremely excited that ImmCelz® has the potential to help the numerous patients on the liver transplant waiting list who currently have no other option.

OTC Stock #2: DSGT

On October 12, we wrote this article on DSGT saying that it was an EV play with huge upside. DSGT closed at $.15 that day. OTC Stock DSGT ChartWhile it took almost 3 months, DSGT turned into a 10-bagger for our readers and subscribers that had the patience to stay in. We pounded the table on DSGT for all those willing to listen. We said:

DSGT is now a pure-play on electric vehicles trading under $1. We know of no other pure-play EV stock trading under $1. We have seen the moves this year in Tesla, NIO, Workhorse, and Lordstown, DSGT looks to be the next EV rocket.

DSGT has been a steady climber as the company executes its business plan. On December 22nd, Imperium Motors announced the receipt of three shipments totaling 73 electric vehicles, representing the first containers of Jonway, Skywell, and Rumble Motors electric vehicles arriving at its location in Fairfield California.

The current shipment included the high-speed Skywell ET-5 SUVs, multiple Jonway scooters, a variety of 3- and 4-wheel cars, vans, trucks, and a large container of Rover electric bike products and other Rumble Motors models, which will be shown in the Company’s Experience Center.

DSGT is now positioned to start off 2021 strong with vehicles in-house to sell.

“With the arrival of these vehicles to our facility, we are now officially on track to launch our 2021 Imperium Motors sales efforts,” commented Rick Curtis, President of Imperium Motor Corp “We have long spoken of the excellent quality and value of these vehicles as well as their value to the environment. Importantly, they are a key component of our projected 2021 revenue, and we anticipate a strong start to the New Year.”

OTC Stock #3: IQST

IQST is another OTC stock that we profiled back in October, but took some time to pay off. We said that IQST was an undervalued opportunity, which you can read here. IQST was trading around $.06 at the time. OTC Stock IQST Daily ChartWe believe IQST still has more room to run as its current market cap is only $18.7 million. Year to date revenue is now $39,725,507 putting the company well on track to exceed its $42 million revenue projection for 2020.IQST is also making shareholder-friendly moves after converting 21 million common shares held among the CEO, CFO, and chief commercial officer into Series B preferred shares, effectively reducing the outstanding share count by more than 22%. These Class B preferred shares have a one-year lock-up, and upon conversion, management has opted for a one-year leak out on the shares into the outstanding share count.Back in October, Goldman Small Cap Research issued a research report with a $.54 a share price target on IQST.

OTC Stock #4: PMPG

PMPG is running as the company is a play on autonomous driving. Its road pavement markers (Road Turtles) have the ability to transmit data and transform a municipality into a Smart City. Every road turtle on the road can house up to 7 sensors to interact (transmit data) with automobiles. Sensors such as GPS, temperature, movement, environment detection, humidity, and environmental to name a few. OTC Stock PMPG ChartPMPG has completed the due diligence process of its SmartRoad Turtle, LLC (SRT) joint venture project. SmartRoad Turtle, LLC, expects to have a Letter of Intent for manufacturing and distribution to be signed with Ennis-Flint in a few weeks. Ennis-Flint is a global manufacturer of coatings with a broad portfolio of road pavement marking products, thermoplastics, advanced traffic technologies, and intelligent transportation systems.Ennis-Flint is a really big deal. This will give PMPG and its SmartRoad Turtle global reach. If the company can execute and complete its fund-raising, there's a lot more room PMPG can run.


These four penny stocks are hot right now. There are always opportunities on the OTC and it’s our job to find the bull markets. Huge gains can be made in such a short amount of time.For those that missed out on the recent run in these four OTC stocks, our best advice is to be patient and throw bids in below the market. Buying dips and selling rips as swing trades remains the best strategy in these markets.Remember, all it takes is one or two to become a TSNP or an ENZC and you’re set to buy a new house and not just make a rent or mortgage payment.As always, good luck to all (except the shorts)!


Disclosure: We have no position in any of the securities mentioned. We wrote this article ourselves and it expresses our own opinions. We are not receiving compensation for it. We have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Insider Financial is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This article is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. This article is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.Image by Matan Ray Vizel from Pixabay

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